For many centuries Sacile was a free town and its inhabitants were skilled traders, so for Franco De Re, an entrepreneur born in Australia, it was natural to travel and look for opportunities to start his furniture business based in Sacile.

His travels between continents led him to search and explore lines that were a fusion of East and West. A philosophy that is expressed in clean lines, simple but fine. A Western lifestyle surrounded by oriental elegance.

Franco De Re loves the world and has visited more than 80 countries to promote and introduce the creations of his business, Elite to Be, which manufactures furniture for indoors and outdoors, but has a special line dedicated to wine. This is a particular feature that makes it unique and we discussed this when we met him in his factory. We started chatting about wine (among these the Friuli wines are among the best in the world!).

What inspires you about wine, what emotions?

Curiosity for the bottle, to the taste and the emotion that it gives me. The effect of the red is thicker and more voluptuous. White is more sophisticated and refined. Each deserves to have a special place in our homes and to be treated with respect and love.

Where do you find creativity? How do you create a new line?

The creative place, said Franco De Re, is everywhere … home, office … when I pick up an object, something …. I love the subject, I have to touch and find the feelings that gives me.

I am a curious man and this was useful when I started attending the fairs where I watched and listened to what I was told. I have a strong figurative memory of people and matter, and I was always attracted by the way things are shaped by people with different cultures and histories.

What makes your product different from others on the market?

The luck of “Elite”, originally, and today’s “Elite, to Be” is to believe in the concept, i.e. in the way of conceiving products. They are all united by one philosophy that is contained in the words “to be”. We offer the customer a lifestyle that goes from furniture to furnishing objects and lighting – total assistance. This is what makes us different.

To be successful you need to always be “good”?

Franco De Re responded. ‘I believe that today people lack the practical wisdom and humility to succeed. For success you have to keep trying and it will eventually arrive.’ As once an Australian said, “the secrets of success are three: do not give up, do not give up, do not give up!”


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