The collection includes about 1,000 pieces of objects that represent the horse in various ways. Some are true works of art, others are objects of daily use in various parts of the world that have images of horses, others are representations of the man-horse relationship in different eras and in different geographical areas. A section then includes games for children with representations of stables, riding stables and more.

Some objects of the Collection are then taken to organize thematic exhibitions such as the exhibition “Horse: from the myth to the game” that was held in the Toy Museum of Zagarolo in 2017.

Another exhibition entitled ‘Cavalli, a family passion’ was exhibited at Casina di Raffaello inside Villa Borghese with Zetema (the company that manages the museum system of the city of Rome) on the occasion of the 2018 Piazza di Siena The exhibition was enriched by a catalog in two languages.

In the website we have created a section dedicated to the horse and thanks to the collection we have collaborated on the communication of Fieracavalli and Fieracavalli Summer Tour in Val di Comino.

We manage a FB page and an Instagram profile called “Horse Museum“.

Below is an interview by Class Horse TV in which we explain how the collection was born and the sense of what we do.