5 years ago I had a unique experience, which I will always remember: my first time in China. In this period of distrust against this wonderful people it is always good to remember all the beautiful things in China.

In addition to the coronavirus, China is famous for its natural and man-made beauties, such as the Chinese wall. It was an indescribable emotion to climb this wonder, look around and admire the whole panorama, dry and arid in winter and lush and colorful in spring.

Climbing each step without ever seeing its end, but then being stunned in front of the whole structure and everything that surrounds it, this repays the effort of climbing.

I wasn’t sure what would await me but I didn’t care, I was doing everything I wanted from the first day of university, to stay in China and study.

But after all, what did I like most about this China?

Surely the people who, despite some no and some diffident glances from someone who does not accept foreigners, have always been warm and curious about western civilization. If there was any problem they were always available and nice.

I remember when the University of Beijing organized a trip to Chengde for us. In addition to seeing the beauty of the city and the part of the wall that has not been renovated, we made a linguistic exchange with the University of Chengde.

As soon as we got off the bus, the students were waiting for us and each of them had to choose one of us. I was chosen by two girls. They were very curious to know what I was doing in life as well as studying, if I had any hobby, if I practiced some sport, how the university worked.

All this curiosity and interest in the other person and the other culture have left me with a vivid vivid memory in my mind.

They also took me on a tour of the university and organized many typical Chinese activities for us: a session of Chinese calligraphy, the tea ceremony, a mini Kung-fu lesson.

It was a beautiful day that I will always carry in my heart as one of the most beautiful of that trip.

Now after 5 years many things have changed. I am attending the first year and I am planning my second year in China, with the double title program in Wuhan. Just where unfortunately this damned coronavirus started.

Hoping that everything will be resolved soon, this China and its citizens have surprised me once again. I was speechless in the face of all this optimism and unity they had towards this nasty virus.

Perhaps this is precisely what unites me to them, the continuous optimism and not giving up any adversity. Always go forward and always united.

In the meantime that this monster is being fought, I daydream my beloved China and want to demonstrate my closeness to all Chinese people.

You will do it, we will do it and we will get back together