23 September 15:00 – Event at the “Villa Celimontana” in Rome

Tell me a story: atlases, guides, travel diaries….
While the Travel Literature Festival is underway, we will be presenting the series of guides “Towns and Villages of Lazio” by Discoverplaces.travel;
Held at the magnificent Villa Celimontana, the event’s guests will include Tommaso Giartosio, a writer who also hosts the radio show  Fahrenheit, covering current cultural events, presentations of books, encounters with authors and moments set aside for young people’s literature, poetry, games of the intellect and musical interludes, as well as searches for hard-to-find books, plus reports from bookstores, libraries, cultural festivals and other artistic initiatives.

Yet another ideal opportunity for Discoverplaces.travel to heighten awareness of the splendours of the Lazio region and the Ciociaria territory.