Arnara wine

Although Arnara does not fall in wine DOC zones, its local products are well known and appreciated. There are cultivations of Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Maturano, Pamparano and Moscato. The wine is sold to wineries and you can taste it in many Ciociarian restaurants asking for “house wine”.

Festival of the ‘Sagne’ and Beans

In September the traditional dish is celebrated. It is Ciociaro “sagne”, similar to tagliatelle but rougher maltagliate (square pasta), cooked with local beans. Sagne are mixed by women of Arnara dressed in the typical Ciociaro costume and the sagne are tasted to the accompaniment of folk music.

Gnocchi Festival

The festival takes place the weekend after the feast of the Madonna del Carmine. The dumplings are one of the typical local dishes and are made with a mixture of potatoes and flour by the inhabitants of Arnara. They are served with different types of tomato sauce.

Festival of Madonna del Carmine

On July 16 is celebrated the Festival of Madonna del Carmine, the main festival of the town, with a procession and the people who take part carrying torches and flowers. For the occasion, the streets where the procession passes are decorated with paintings made with flower petals. The ‘pagan’ festival includes a tasting of typical … Continued

Fountain of Tufo and San Clemente Woods

The fountain is located in the woods of San Clemente that takes its name from an ancient monastery of which only a few ruins remain. The forest is extremely impressive and is connected to many legends. In recent years the ancient local traditions have been rediscovered and this area with interest from a naturalistic point … Continued

Church of the Madonna del Carmine

The church was built in the late 1700s during the hydraulic development works for the adjacent well. It has the classic style of country churches. The facade is adorned with a door with two small windows at its sides and an aperture above.  All openings are lined with polished stones.

Church of St. Nicholas of Bari

The church dates back to the 1700s and is located behind the medieval fortress. It is a reconstruction of an earlier building dating from 1200. The building suffered major damage during the earthquake of 1915 and was later restored. The interior has three central naves in late Baroque style and the central nave ends with … Continued

San Sebastian Church

The church is located near the ancient walls as is the tradition, in fact, all the churches dedicated to San Sebastiano were built for protection of the entrances to the city. The first news of the church is in a relationship of the visit of Bishop Lanteri in 1629. In 1731 the church was totally … Continued

Arnara Castle

The castle was erected on the ruins of the Lombard Tower. The construction of the Keep occurred in the eleventh century. Four centuries later a series of square towers and a round tower were erected. The square towers were incorporated into the houses and the round tower became part of the house of the Sisters … Continued