Picinisco Pecorino DOP

Picinisco DOP sheep cheese has been known since the 1600s. It is a cheese that is produced exclusively with raw milk from animals grown in the area.

Local Wine

The peasants have always produced an excellent light wine based on Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes. It is a dry wine with slightly sweet aftertaste. It is usually offered during events.

Tagliatelle Ricotta, Bacon and Asparagus

The tagliatelle noodles are handmade with fried bacon or pork cheeks and field asparagus that abound in the area. To these a creamy ricotta with warm water is added, cooked till creamy and served with plenty of powdered cow cheese or Parmesan cheese.

Ceci and Cicoria Soup

A local dish typical of the peasant world made of ceci and chickpeas and boiled bread spiced to taste.

The Sprout of Sora

This winter sprout has a purple colour and does not need greenhouses or pesticides for growth. It has a high content of anthocyanins, an anticancer substance, and is a strong antioxidant. It is one of the few vegetables that colon sufferers can.

Autumn holiday

The third Sunday of October is celebrated in Autumn with an enormous cake of 25 meters made by local pastry makers. All accompanied by local wine, chestnuts and popular music.

Cabbage Festival

The first Sunday of September the cabbage is celebrated as one of the main products of the earth.

Saint Bartholomew Patron Saint

On August 24, the patron saint is celebrated with a solemn religious ceremony and a procession on the streets of the town.

Stracciatella di Gobbi or Golden Fried Gobbi

There are two Christmas plates based on thistles (similar to scotch thistles). The stracciatella is made with a thistle cut into cubes and cooked with egg in chicken broth, rather than turkey. In the second version, gobbo strips are fried golden with egg and breadcrumbs in olive oil.