Museum of Country Life

The museum is located inside the Baron’s Palace, in the basement and shows evidence of local traditions. They include agricultural work tools for the processing of wine and oil and managing livestock. A typical farm house has been rebuilt and areas are dedicated to old crafts like cobblers, blacksmiths and other rural craftsmen.

Archaeological Museum

The museum is in a wing of the Madonna del Piano media school and includes 8 sections that collect all the material excavated in Castro dei Volsci territory since prehistoric times. The museum has its own ‘mascot’, Artemisio’s child represented in a marble slab belonging to a sarcophagus of the 3rd century AD. The slab … Continued

Museum of Peasant Life

The museum is housed in the basements of the former convent of the church of Santo Stefano, which now houses the offices of the municipality. The premises are close to those where the Monumental Nativity scene of the Ferri Museum is displayed. Museum halls show a collection of tools used by peasants before mechanization, and … Continued

Cave- Palazzetto Dell'Arte by Giuseppe Mosetti interno

LIttle Palace of Art

The little palace of art was built in the old warehouses of the Roma-Fiuggi Railway, in a small tastefully refurbished building. The spaces are intended for exhibitions by local artists, events and small conferences and are available to the numerous cultural associations operating in the area. It is one of the centres of Cave social life.

Cave- Museo Presepe Ferri by Bettiol

Lorenzo Ferri Museum of Cave

The Lorenzo Ferri Museum is dedicated to the great sculptor and scholar of the Holy Shroud who lived between 1902 and 1975. The artist spent time in Cave where he worked with the archpriest of the collegiate church. In the 1980s his heirs gave the museum a collection of plaster works that are the sketches of his works. … Continued

Fumone- Abiti museo comunale Marchetti Longhi

Ada and Giuseppe Marchetti Longhi Museum

Inside the castle there is the house-museum belonging to the great archaeologist Giuseppe Marchetti Longhi and his wife Ada. The house was donated to the Commune and the museum represents a classic nineteenth-century bourgeois apartment, with outstanding testimonies. In addition to its original furniture, it contains: a collection of 19th century lead soldiers, a Kashmir … Continued

Fumone- Giovanni de Paolis- Galleria arte contemporanea

Contemporary Art Gallery of the Castle

The gallery is located in the west wing of the first (noble) floor and is dedicated to Count Giovanni de Paolis who had started the collection of contemporary artworks. The collection includes works of painting, sculpture and ceramics, and a section dedicated to photography. There are works by important artists including: Mario Schifano, Bruno D’Arcevia, … Continued

Fumone- Museo del castello

Castle Museum

The Castle is the heart of the fortified village of Fumone. An important place, once home to the feudal lords of Fumone, a prison of the Pontifical State reserved for political prisoners and an extraordinary observatory over valleys, towns and major avenues that led to the south. From a military fortress and pontifical prison it … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museum of Peasant Civilization

The museum is located in the historic centre and includes a collection of objects and tools that until recently were used by farmers and labourers in their daily work particularly in the fields and stables.

Trivigliano- Biblioteca by Bettiol

Municipal Library

The Trivigliano Library is a perfect example of integration between ancient and modern architecture and is right at the entrance of the village.  

Torre Cajetani- Museo dell'Operetta di Sandro Massimini by Bettiol

Sandro Massimini Operetta Museum

The Operetta Museum is named after Sandro Massimini, the most famous Italian interpreter of this art form, and in addition to his own collection he collected theatres with puppets and hand puppets made since 1600. Operetta had helped change the face of Europe by the early twentieth century. The story of the museum is spread … Continued

Centre of Medieval Studies

Since 1987 the castle has been the seat of “Domus Theophylacti Opus”, centre of medieval studies and culture. The centre is concerned with enhancing and promoting the medieval origins of the Teofilatto family and the enhancement of a little-known part of our history.

Museo della Pace - D'Abbruzzo

Peace Museum

The museum is located in the Governor’s Palace, and is dedicated to Galileo Galilei. Inside it houses the permanent exhibition of Vincenzo Bianchi, an honorary citizen of Vico nel Lazio. In the upper floor the exhibition ends with a window that allows an unhindered view of nature. Bianchi was born in 1939 in Fontana Liri, … Continued

Isola del Liri- Cartiera Boimond by Bettiol

Ex Cartier Emilio Boimond

The first paper mill was built in 1868 by Francesco Roessinger together with a power plant of 54 horsepower. The paper mill collapsed after the unification of Italy because of the protectionist measures that favoured the northern industries and subsequently it was purchased by Emilio Boimond in 1922. The paper mill takes its name from … Continued

Isola del Liri- Cartiera Fibreno Lefevre by Bettiol

Ex Fibreboard – Lefevre

The papermill was born in a convent that the king of Naples, Gioacchino Murat, had requisitioned and sold to private industrialists, according to the instructions of Napoleon who had requisitioned and sold the property of the church in many parts of Italy. Looking at the original entrance of the Fibreno paper mill, named after the … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museum of Roman Baroque: The Lemme Collection

The Museum of the Roman Baroque collects important Baroque works that are part of several private collections such as the Chigi Collection, the collection of the art historian Maurizio Fagiolo, the great Baroque collection of Lemme couple, the collection of the critic Oreste Ferrari, the Lascena collection and two paintings from the Koelliker Collection. Also … Continued

Archaeological Museum

In the Abbey of San Nilo is an archaeological museum with a rich collection of archaeological finds from the surrounding villas, the catacombs, or donations of Abbey protectors. The collection boasts a grand ancient stele (a seated youth from the V-VI century BC), as well as marble finds, sarcophagi, coins, pottery and portraits (including one … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museum of Rural Life

The museum reproduces an ancient farmhouse and illustrates the life that took place in the past. The museum is divided into areas and also collects the artifacts that were found in the area.  

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Contemporary Art Gallery

The local eighteenth-century town hall is destined to be a gallery for exhibitions of great international artists. There are works by Kandinsky, Picasso were hosted, De Chirico, Guttuso, Merz, Salvatore Fiume, Matta, Renato Marino Mazzacurati, John Omiccioli, Renzo Vespignani, Mino Maccari, Schifano, Boetti, Castellani, Pistoletto, Fabro, Jannis Kounellis and many others.

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Violin Making Museum

Arpino was famous for its violin-makers, especially the master of stringed musical instruments Luigi Embergher during the second half of the nineteenth century. Since 1938, the activities of the teacher continued with his pupil Domenico Cerrone. So, the laboratory Embergher, founded in 1880, in Morelli Lane remained active until the fifties. The Embergher-Cerrone workshop had … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Archaeological Museum of the Wool Industry

Ever since Roman times, Arpino has been known as an important centre of wool production so that the church of Santa Maria of Civita was built on a pagan temple dedicated to Mercurio Lanario. Craftsmanship was organized within families, each of which had looms and spinning wheels. With the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Umberto Mastroianni Foundation

The foundation has its headquarters in Ladislao Castle and collects the works of one of the most brilliant families of the twentieth century artists: the Mastroianni that originated in Arpino. It begins with the famous sculptor Umberto Mastroianni representing his entire artistic career. There are also some collections of art that tell the story of … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museum Patrimonium

The museum is located in a fifteenth century building that previously had been the headquarters of the Community of Sutri and the Civic Hospital. The museum collects works that represent the history of the city including the beautiful paintings from the church of San Francesco, the medieval frescoes in the church of Santa Fortunata, dating … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The Necropolis

Along the ancient Via Cassia, for a stretch of about 180 meters, you can see this ancient Roman necropolis built between the first and fourth centuries AD. The graves are dug out of tufa on different levels and have different forms comprising both: a one room, double room, with entrance hall, with a niche for … Continued

Capranica Prenestina Museo Civico Naturalistico

Civic Museum of Nature

The museum is located inside the Palazzo Barberini, the civic center of Capranica, and provides a complete picture of the Prenestini flora and fauna. The space is enriched by models and dioramas that reproduce all habitats and the different layers and geological features of the mountains. The area of Mount Guadagnolo, in fact, is characterized … Continued

C.I.A.C Genazzano

The CIAC: International Center for Contemporary Art

The International Center of Contemporary Art, located inside the castle, was opened in 1979 with an exhibition of ‘Transavanguardia’ curated by Achille Bonito Oliva. After this first event others followed that were always in the spirit of a modern reinterpretation of the past. Since 2007 the museum has a stable direction for continuously organizing events … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Vejo (Veio) Park

Vejo National Park is one of the most interesting parks in the north of Rome for naturalistic and archaeological reasons. It encompasses the area of ​​the ancient Etruscan city of Veii, and here is the Roman Villa of Campetti, archaeological ruins that stretch for more than a hectare.  

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The dell Infiorata Museum of Gerano

The museum preserves the historical records of the Infiorata and all activities related to its realization: from historical documents, tools and descriptions of old techniques used by Infioratori Masters up to the remarkable photographic material of today. Photographs that testify to the importance of Gerano, which comprise the arrangements made on the occasion of 150th … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museum of the Tin boxes

The museum shows more than 1,000 cans from raw materials produced from 1890 up to the 1950s. The boxes were mostly for sweets such as biscuits, chocolate and cocoa. Through these stories of boxes of cookies you can read the fashions and styles of generations: the first period of nineteenth century industrialization passing to the … Continued

Archivio notarile di Stato

Archivio Notarile di Stato (State Archive)

The archive is located in Piazza San Michele Arcangelo and houses medieval documents and statutes of neighbouring municipalities. Since the Middle Ages Guarcino had a notary who remained unique in north Ciociaria until the 1800’s. Among the most important documents is the will of Cardinal Patras, of early 1300, from which we receive a picture … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Municipal Gallery Pomponio Palombo

“Pomponio Palombo Pictor of Villa Santo Stefano” is an artist and patron born in Villa Santo Stefano in the 1500s and died in Priverno in 1592. He was both painter as well as an architect, decorator and restorer. The love that bound him to Villa Santo Stefano is deduced from his will in which is … Continued

Landscape Museum

The Landscape Museum is related to the whole territory of the Amaseno valley: a homogeneous territory for geological formation, hydrography, archaeology, history, and artistic endeavour. The museum houses a cartographic and historical documentation centre, a photographic section and a section related to non-material culture, a collection of costumes and textiles representative of Good Friday. Very … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Archaeological site ‘Ancient Privernum’

The area is located in the plain of ‘Mezzagosto’ and corresponds to a part of the ancient Privernum. You can admire a stretch of the city walls from the Roman period, three patrician houses of the Republican era, a large spa building and the remains of the Capitolium temple. Some buildings had elegant floors with … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Medieval Museum

The Museum is located in the ancient Cistercian guesthouse of Fossanova and offers scenes of medieval life in a setting of great beauty. The museum displays the early life of ancient Privernum in the plains and then when it reached its ‘new foundation’ in the hills during the twelfth century. In the museum are artifacts, … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Archaeological Museum

The museum is located in the main square in the Palazzo Valeriani Guarini in medieval layout and decorated in Art Nouveau style. The museum is dedicated to the ancient Privernum, and consists of 12 rooms in which it traces the history from the Volscian Camilla queen and of which you can admire the remains found … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museum of Mathematics

The mathematics museum is housed in the massive castle of San Martino, built by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio in the sixteenth century. The castle is located at the centre of a 32-hectare park with cork oaks. In the museum there are displayed many instruments that have made history in mathematics and visitors are welcome to play … Continued

Una cella del convento San francesco- Museo

Museum of the Convent of St. Francis

Inside the monastery of St. Francis is a Franciscan museum where objects are kept related to the monastic life, testimonies of popular religiosity and documents dating back through the whole period of operation of the convent.

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Archaeological museum Roger Lambrechts

The archaeological museum dedicated to Roger Lambrechts is located in the former barn of the Borghese palace, a building on the main road, built by the Borghese family in the eighteenth century, which had retained its original function until the 1950s. It is owned by the City and is also home to the city council and … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The Ruins of Palombara Tower

Palombara Tower owes its name to its ancient use for the training of pigeons used by travelers for remote communication. The terracotta cells are recognizable by the birds. The tower was part of a fifteenth century building that has seen many changes in ownership and was destroyed in the earthquake of Marsica in 1915 and 1984.

Colleferro Museo Rugby

Museum of Rugby

The “Museum of Rugby Mud and Sweat” is one of the most important in the world and was established in 2012 by a group of enthusiasts including major players of the Italian national team. The museum houses over 1,500 jerseys worn by leading players from around the world plus over 15,000 memorabilia. A section of … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Archaeological Museum of the Territory Toleriense

The museum is the leading centre for research, documentation, conservation of archaeological heritage in the area of ​​Valle del Sacco. It is a lifelong learning tool and educational workshop for local schools.

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museum of Communications

The Communications Museum is one of the most important in the world and displays the General Cremona collection that pays tribute to this town characterized by technological industries. Products and technology invented by Marconi are of particular interest. It can be visited by calling the municipality of Colleferro.

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Museo Civico Palazzo Gottifredo

The palace was built in the thirteenth century by Cardinal Gottifredo Raynaldo who was then the ‘governatore’ of Alatri and was also a politically very active in mediating between the Pope and the Empire. The palace and the history of the cardinal are also narrated by the traveller Gregorovius who narrates that the building appeared … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Civic Museum

The Museum is housed in the Palace of the Volsci. It is set up with equipment, furnishings, teaching boards, special systems and is structured on nine territorial interest themes: Space, Time, the crafts, the economy, Renaissance, Medieval games, religiosity, Society and Emigration.  

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Simulacrum: Exhibition of Sacred Art

The permanent exhibition is housed in the rectory of the church of San Giacomo (St James). It is a collection of material and sacred objects from different churches, divided into thematic sections such as Popes, Brotherhoods, Banditry and Devotion.

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The Museum of the Volsci Royal Palace

The museum is located inside the Aldobrandini palace and houses a museum articulated in nine thematic areas: with sections dedicated to traditional farming objects, costumes of the Palio della Carriera, the oldest bell of Lazio (from the abbey Valvisciolo), and the history of Carpineto.

Museo Civico Benedict Robazza

The museum dedicated to Master Robazza is inside Giacci palace. Benedict Robazza is an acclaimed artist, applauded around the world, born in Rome in 1934 and works between Rome and New York. He lived in Rocca Priora where he made numerous works and sculptures of great value, including reliefs inspired by Dante’s Inferno. His works … Continued

Horse Collection Museum

Claudia Bettiol’s collection includes statues and exhibits relating to the world of the horse sourced from Italy and abroad. There are about 500 original pieces and more than 300 pieces from games. The collection was exhibited at the Toy Museum of Zagarolo and participated in a broadcast on RAI 2. Viewing by personal arrangement.

Paliano Biblioteca Zerinthya

Library of Contemporary Art Zerynthia

The library includes more than three thousand volumes that now make up a section of the local library. It includes monographs, catalogues of group exhibitions held in Italy and abroad and specialized magazines. It owes its name to the association Zerynthia very active in organizing events and art exhibitions in Colonna Village along the Via … Continued

MACA (Museum of Contemporary Art)

The museum is located inside Palazzo Tiravanti and the Museum of Contemporary Art and is linked to the Academy of Fine Arts. Inside are 60 works by 60 artists.    

Archaeological Museum

The museum is located in the historic area and embraces the numerous artifacts found in the Frosinone area. It is divided into three sections dedicated to prehistory, the pre-Roman history of the Volsci, Ernici and Etruscans and the Roman period. Many artifacts come from the Roman amphitheatre or were found along the Cosa river banks. … Continued

Historical Archive

Serrone is the centre for management of the historical archives of the municipalities of Acuto, Paliano, Serrone and Piglio since 2001. The protection and enhancement work has given rise to many exhibitions and publications such as the one on ‘Nannies of the Ciociaria’ and on the testimonies of the two world wars.

Theatrical Costume Museum

The costume museum is located in the upper part of the historical centre in premises equipped for shows. It is a collection of theatrical costumes by Beatrice Minori, a famous seamstress for RAI TV and on the staff of Eduardo de Filippo. In her career Beatrice has collaborated with major Italian directors in theatre and … Continued

Museum of Musical Bands

Next to the bridge over the Sacco leading to the town, is a crenellated tower of medieval origin possibly 1100, the Mola Colonna. It is 17.5 metres high and was probably originally built to protect the bridge over the Sacco, but was later converted into a mill, using the force of the water coming over … Continued