Isola del Liri- Artista Blink by Bettiol


Lorenzo Mastroianni, an artist specialising in photography, is the protagonist of the surrealist project Blink Photographic Circus. The Blink Micro Gallery is an art gallery in miniature and its miniature works are exhibited in a small circus tent at the event and are visible only through magnifying glasses. During the event, street performers in circus … Continued

Sandro Benassi

Sandro Benassi is a sculptor who lives and works in Guarcino. In his works he uses wood, marble and bronze. He is also a painter and musical restorer. His art studio is located in Piazza San Nicola.

Mario Benedetto Robazza

Robazza is an artist and sculptor of international renown, and has lived between Italy and the United States. His works are in major museums around the world, and he granted to Rocca Priora his own collection in the museum dedicated to him. In a courtyard of the museum is displayed the famous ‘Hell’ of Dante, … Continued

Thomas Murgiano

Thomas Murgiano, is a painter famous for his “colour explosions” that create special memories and emotions. Thomas was initially a traditional landscape painter and his painting slowly transformed from tradition, to ‘explode’ in colour landscapes. As confirmation of the validity of his work, during his exhibitions, he has received numerous awards.

Tarcisio Damizia, painter and writer

Tarcisio Damizia was born in 1934 in Serrone and has been for years the manager of the post office there. He has always cultivated a passion for painting and his writing began with plays ‘Enzymes’ and ‘Ballad of Quirici and Juliet’. The public has learned to appreciate him with the book ‘Blood Turnip’, a collection … Continued