Fumone- Giardino pensile by Alberto Bevere

The Roof-top Garden of the Fumone Castle

The garden has a vaguely trapezoidal plan and it stretches over an area of ​​approximately 3500 mq at an altitude of 800 m. It is one of Europe’s largest suspended roof gardens. Its construction was completed in the seventeenth century with the use of at least 20,000 hours of work, hundreds of tons of soild … Continued

Torre Cajetani Laghetto di Cerano e teatro - Bettiol - 94

Lake Cerano Park

The park was built around an artificial lake of ancient origins. The lake was used as a drinking trough and the area for pasture for flocks, and already in 1665, Count Antonio Caetani has been informed of the arrangement for use of the lake. A short distance to the right in front of the Church … Continued

Gardens of the Springs (Giardini delle Fonti)

The gardens of the springs have always been a pride of the Terme di Fiuggi, which welcome the many visitors among the avenue of flowers set in the copses of high chestnuts and sequoia that have grown over the years. The forests of Fiuggi are quoted from the earliest documents and the original source was … Continued

Settefrati- Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo by Tonino Bernardelli

National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The territory of Picinisco is partly included in the Abruzzo National Park, famous for its natural beauty, the mountain landscape dominated by Mount Meta, for the clear waters and swirling of the Melfa River, and the beauty of its villages. Among the most attractive places: Prati di Mezzo, the Grotta Campanaro (with its artificial lake), … Continued

Fiuggi Lago Canterno - Bettiol - 36

Nature Reserve of Lake Canterno

Lake Canterno is a karst lake in the heart of Ernici mountains. The lake originally filled when a karst sinkhole was filled with debris. Then, when the volume water increased so did the pressure, and the hole reopened and the lake emptied, and the cycle recommenced. This natural cycle was interrupted with an artificial closure … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

City park of the Ancient City of Sutri

This urban park, one of the smallest of the Lazio, extends above the ancient city of Sutri in an area of ​​7 hectares and is designed to enhance the archeological findings, landscape and nature of that time. The park includes a large ‘tuff island’ on top of which there is Villa Savorelli and at the … Continued

Genazzano Tempietto Bramante - Bettiol - 3

La Selva Genazzano (Genazzano Woods)

The park is a natural monument with an area of about 25 hectares, including a beautiful forest in the Prenestini mountains rich in plant species and an interesting fauna. The forest was donated to the municipality of Genazzano by Cardinal Drago in the late nineteenth century, the town then gave it to the people to … Continued

Genazzano- Ponte Castello Colonna by Benedicta Lee

Elcini Park

This is the famous Colonna Castle park of the “Castegna Rotunda”, one of the oldest trees and symbol of the park, which in 2011 was struck by lightning.

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

lacuale Park of Bracciano-Martignano

The regional nature park of the Bracciano-Martignano is a protected area of ​​great natural value with the lakes of Bracciano and Martignano.

Patrica Monte Cacume-Alberto Bevere

Mount Cacume

Mount Cacume belongs to the group of Lepine Mountains and has the characteristic cone shape that ends with a cross placed in 1903 and visible from a great distance. The mountain has a remarkable variety of vegetation due to the particular microclimate influenced by the sea and the Apennines hinterland. It is one of the … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

St. Martin Woods

The forest is located within the San Martin Park, where there are examples of Mediterranean forests with splendid specimens of Sughera, Stone Pine, Holm, Cerro, Farnetto and Roverella. In a particular area have been planted species native to the Eurasian region such as the Cedars of Lebanon and of the Himalayas, lindens, cypresses, palms and … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Lake La Torre (Giulianello)

It is a magnificent Natural Reserve also known by the name of Lake Giulianello and is the third crater lake in the Alban Hills, after those of Castel Gandolfo and Nemi. It has a perimeter of 1.5 km and is home to a remarkable biodiversity of fauna and flora and the fishing is widely practiced … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Path Pope John Paul II

Saint John Paul II often visited San Biagio above Piglio for moments of relaxation and prayer and loved to walk in this area of ​​unspoilt nature. In his honour a path was traced from Piglio going up to the highlands of Arcinazzo, in the locality “Insuglio”, alongside a small lake so named in Pigliese dialect. … Continued

Tecchiena la Grancia

Grange of Tecchiena

The grange is located on the slopes of the Monticchio hill where originally was a fortress of the eleventh century. In 1245, Pope Innocent IV, to quell the rivalry between Alatri and Ferentino decided to remove all fortress rights and bring them into property of the church and, in 1395, it was given to the … Continued

Protocenobio of San Sebastiano

The early cenobitic complex is located in Alatri countryside, among the olive trees, and its construction dates back to the late fifth century by order of the prefect of Gaul Liberius who entrusted it to the abbot Servando. It housed one of the oldest cenobitic communities of the West, i.e. the first forms of community … Continued

Castelli Romani Park

Rocca Priora is part of the Castelli Romani Park which covers the area of ​​the ancient Latium Volcano. The park has natural, geological and archeological interest and within it lies the archaeological site of Tusculum and the two lakes of Albano and Nemi. The park is crossed by paths and trails for hiking, cycling, on … Continued