Mount Scalambra Complete Band (Complesso Bandistico )

The “Monte Scalambra” group of Serrone consists of about 25 players with several years of experience in the band. The group has participated in various types of events, parades and celebrations. Its repertoire is vast and ranges from classical music to modern music, as well as originals by the band.

Music Band “La Forma”

The Musical Band “La Forma” of Serrone was founded in 1959 by a group of friends who wanted to promote music in the town. The first master was Paolino Colazingari and the instruments were donated by a benefactor. Since then the band has performed throughout Italy and abroad and is twinned with the Wind Orchestra … Continued


“ERRE SEI” ironically takes the name from a famous fungicide used in the country, commonly called “ramata water”. The band is made up lovers of popular music, re-playing songs that have been forgotten by many.

Ladri de Kaine

The Ladri De Kaine were founded in 2009 to revive the history of Italian folk culture. Their research focuses on Southern Italy and they present old songs in local dialects (Apulian, Roman, Neapolitan and Calabrian) with original music re-interpretation.

Lorenzo Perosi Choir

The Lorenzo Perosi Choir was founded in 1975 and has performed in many Italian cities where it is known and appreciated. Lorenzo is also the organizer of the “Choir of the City of Cave”

City of Cave Musical Band

The band has over a century of history and was created to accompany the solemn celebrations of the town and to spread musical culture among young people. The band has ongoing cultural exchanges with the cities of Kremsmunster (Austria), Balaton Mariafurdo (Hungary), Roskilde (Denmark) and Mqaaba (Malta). The repertoire includes classical pieces for bands and opera fantasy.

Musical Band G. Puccini

The band was born in 1972 and consists of about 40 young musicians, the “Magic Majorettes” group and a music school where students learn music free of charge from qualified teaching staff. Each year the Association organizes two music reviews: in summer the “Youth Music Festival: Young in Unison” and in the winter “November in … Continued


The group of music and folk songs CAVESJA promotes the musical traditions of its land and the southern rhythms. With the presence of piano accordians, zampogne, tamburelli, mandolin, guitar and trumpet, the group performs in stornelli, tarantels and exciting songs.

Fumone- Banda bulli e pupe

‘Bulli and Pupe’ Music Band

The Band was founded in the summer of 2006 by three musicians and soon grew to become a musical band participating in parties, processions and events in the area. Bulli and Pupe also promotes music with courses and activities for children and has started interesting collaborations with bands from other towns and is twinned with … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

“The Ciociari of Fumone”

The folk group was founded in 1980 by some friends who loved dancing and folk traditions such as the stornelli and the salterello that from ancient times have set the rhythm of peasant life. It consists of about 20 players and holds performances both in the square and in the theatre. The band always performs … Continued

City of Trivigliano Music Band

The Trivigliano music band has over 100 years of history and is made up of over 40 instruments. The band was created to accompany the more solemn moments of the social life of the town, such as during the Festival of Sant’Oliva, at Christmas and now in all the other celebrations. Its concerts have many … Continued

Luciano d’Abbruzzo

Luciano is an experienced musician and songwriter from Vico nel Lazio. He began studying music at the tender age of 8 and, in addition to playing the piano, he has won many prestigious singing competitions, one of them being the 14th edition of the annual “Fabrizio de Andrè Award”. Together with music, he cultivates a passion for … Continued

The Folk Group “Le Venticinque Torri” (25 Towers)

On the occasion of the 25th edition of the Historical Court of Epiphany in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, twenty-six young people from the town formed the Folk group ‘Le Venticinque Torri’ (Twenty-Five Towers) with the intent of enhancing local traditions. Today, the band includes piano accordian and voices and performs in music concerts and events … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The Troubadors of Uich gl’cantastorie d’Uich’

The association “GRUPPO FOLK gl’ Cantastori’ d’ Uich’ ” (The Troubadors of Uich) was founded in 2012 with the idea of rediscovering the popular traditions of Vico and Ciociaria – to revive the flavours and scents of this land. It is composed of a piano accordian and voices and people are dressed in typical Ciociarian … Continued

Musical Band

The musical band was born in 1893 and was reconstituted in 1983. It was originally made up of artists “shoemakers, archers, carpenters and bricklayers”, while today it is made up of students, workers and children. The band is an essential part of the town’s life, a point of reference in civil celebrations and in traditional … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The Parquaria

The Parquaria Folk Group (PGF) are a group specialising in Popular Music that was founded in 2003 to raise awareness of the literary and musical culture of Montelanico. They started with music and poems by local authors like Mariano Brevetti e Giuseppe Riccioni following the style of the old popular song melodies of the 50’s. … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

“San Michele Arcangelo” Band of Pisterzo

The band is one of the oldest traditions of this area of the country and was founded in 1913, a year after the creation of the Music School by Master Paterniano Licati. The first performance with flag, uniform and requisite instruments was is 1920. The band has played uninterruptedly and had a break only during … Continued

Cerreto Laziale Banda Musicale Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi Musical Band

The music band has been active since at least 1876, and at that time became so famous that it was called on to play in the streets and in the famous gardens of Rome such as the Pincio. Its activity was not interrupted even during the world wars and the other wars known throughout Italy. … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The House of Art

Cultural Association and Music School are located near the castle in a place surrounded by nature. The school offers courses in all instruments, from guitar to singing, from piano to saxophone, accordion and the low battery. The school has a large number of equipped classrooms and amplification equipment and is equipped with a rehearsal room … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Schola Cantorum Father Antonio Belli

The first mention of the Schola Cantorum “Father Antonio Belli” is a musical score of a “Via Crucis” composed by Fortunato Santini (1778-1861) and dedicated “To the singers of Genazzano”. The document is in the music archive of the Benedictine monastery of St. Scholastica. The school is named after the composer’s father Antonio Belli who … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

People’s Orchestra of Colours

The People’s Orchestra of Colours consists of 50 instruments that come from the Musical Band of Genazzano with the addition of violins and guitars.

Genazzano- Banda musicale Comunale Lorenzo Giardini

Banda Musicale Comunale Luigi Gardini

Municipal Historical Archive shows the formation of a band or Musical Concert in July 1845 approved, in turn, by the Congregation of Studies of the papal administration on September 2, 1846. The band is named after Luigi Gardini teacher who had been director between 1893 and 1913. The band has played an important role in … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Banda ‘Licinio Refice’ Patrica

The band has a hundred-year history having been formed in 1892 thanks to the efforts of the notable Gaspare Marchiafava. For many years the band conducted its musical activities wherever it was required thanks to the commitment of the musicians and teachers. In 1973, for the need of many Patricani emigrants, a sister band was … Continued

Banda Filarmonica by Diego Stella

Banda Filarmonica

The group was founded by 10 friends in 2014 and the term “filarmonica” means “friends of music”. The small band is made up by 30 members and participates in public events and demonstrations with a classical and light Music repertoire .

Fanfara dei Bersaglieri dei Monti Lepini e Valle dei Latini by Diego Stella

Fanfara dei Bersaglieri of the Monti Lepini and Valle dei Latini

The Fanfara was founded in 2017 by a group of musicians in leave of absence from the bersaglieri. The bersaglieri are an Italian military corps and they are famous because they play music while running. They were one of the first to enter the Papal State During the Unification of Italy. Civilian musicians have joined … Continued

Guarcino Via S.Benedetto ( La Banda P.Ciavardini)-Pasquale Calicchia

Musical Banda Paolo Ciavardini

The Association Complete Band “V. Bellini” was founded in 1980 to promote the study and knowledge of music. It has participated in numerous competitions and in 2006 it won second prize at the Golden Wand. In June 2006 the band changed its name and is now called Paolo Ciavardini, in honour of the master who … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

“Cav. Luigi Paolacci” Band and Majorettes Group

La Banda Musicale San Vito Romano was established in 1919 and was conducted by Maestro Luigi Paolacci for over 40 years. Since 1995 it has added the Dancing Majorettes. The troupe of Majorettes grows mainly through the efforts of Mrs. Vilma Barile and Monica Rizzi teacher. The Majorettes troupe participates in several grades of specialisation … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Musical Band “City of Priverno”

The first story of the Musical Band of Priverno date back to 1823, and in 1846 the first regulation approved was drafted by the Sacred Congregation of Studies of the Papal States. Over the years, the band was dissolved several times and each time has been reconstituted by private citizens. The last overhaul was in … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Folk group Gli Paes’ Mei

The folk group Gli Paes’ Mei performs dances, songs and theatrical activities in accordance with local traditions.

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Folk Group “Aria di Casa Nostra”

The group was founded by Flavio Fiorletta in 1950 and is winner of numerous awards at national and international level. It is a true “ambassador” of Alatri and its traditions both in Italy and abroad. Its purpose is to keep alive the songs, dances and ciociaran traditions of Alatri and to promote the city of … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Ernico Choir

The Ernico Choir of polyphonic music was founded in 1974 and is active mainly in the field of sacred music, from Gregorian medieval music to contemporary compositions. The choir is responsible for organizing the celebrations of the Eucharistic Miracle of the Host Incarnate Alatri (1227-28) with a Festival of Sacred Choral Music.

Folk Group of Acuto

The musical group was founded in 2013 by a group of friends who are music and history lovers. The music incorporates the local traditions and often their performances are accompanied by dancers. All are dressed in traditional clothing and wear the ‘ciocie’, the ciociarian shoes that are the symbol of this area.

Banda Musicale Corbium

La Banda Musicale (Musical Band) of Rocca Priora was created in the late 1800s and recorded in a photo of 1902, the then-band, called “Lu Concert”, had more than 50 performers. The band dissolved temporarily during the world wars but resumed its activities immediately after the end of the wars. In addition to the concert … Continued

Hernicantus – Compari delle Cantine

The ‘Friends of the Cellars’ – Hernicantus are a folk group that plays the Ciociaran traditional music. Their historical research and the recovery of many songs of local traditions distinguish them from other groups that are just for entertainment. The group was founded in 2001 at the opening of the cellars during the Palio of … Continued

Ancient Fanfare

The Antica Marching Band of Paliano accompanies historical parades as well as performing traditional music in costume of the historical reference period. The 25-30 players play original and reproduction instruments of the era. The group ranges from 11 to 60 years, and performances wear historical garments. The founder is the master Mauro Salvatori.