Wood of Fontechiari

Leaving Fibreno from Carnello, on the right Fontechiari is immersed in the green of the Val di Comino, just a short distance from the Abruzzo National Park. Its most striking natural point is the Rio di Fontechiari that collects the waters of the area and delivers them to Fibreno. Along the route of the Rio … Continued

Lakes Nature Reserve along Ripasottile

Cantalice dominates the plain of Rieti with a view over the three lakes (Long, Ripasottile and Piediluco) which are what remains of the ancient Lake Velino. During the Pliocene, this lake covered the entire valley of Rieti. In the Roman period, around 272 BC, a drainage channel was dug (known as “cavo Curiano”) which allowed … Continued

Castro dei Volsci- Parco Regionale

Ausoni Mountains Regional Nature Park and Lake Fondi

The Nature Park includes natural, geological and archaeological beauties and is a continuous discovery site for trekkers and outdoor life lovers. The park has the famous Cave of Pastena, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, the Monastery of San Magno in Fondi, the cork forest of San Vito at Monte San Biagio, the ruins … Continued

Ceccano- Villa Comunale by Alberto Bevere

Villa Comunale

Once an Italian garden at Palazzo Antonelli, it is one of the green ‘lungs’ of the city. Entering the main entrance and walking along the avenue is like “retracing” the history of the city through lavish names sculptured on blocks of travertine rhomboidals embedded among the sampietrini (walkways of black bevelled stones). When the Palazzo … Continued

Park of Villa Clementi

The Villa Clementi park was built in the 19th century and consists of hundreds of both cultivated and natural tall trees of all sorts and species. The park is a Natural Monument recognized by the region and inside is the famous source of oligomineral water the “Source of St. Stephen”, which seems to have also … Continued

Abruzzo, Lazio & Molise National Park

The Canneto valley is located in the Abruzzo Lazio Molise National Park the oldest national park in Italy that is known for its natural beauty. It is a lush valley full of water, in which there are the Apennine wolf, the Marsicano bear, chamois and other minor species.

Oasi bambini- D'Abbruzzo

Oasis of the Ernici Mountains

The oasis is immersed in the lush vegetation of the Ernici Mountains at the foot of the Monna and Rotonaria mountains. It is one of the intermediate points of the Cai Trail (n.9) that reaches the peaks of the two mountains. Within the Oasis, among the main activities carried out, there is the repopulation of … Continued

Isola del Liri- Parco Cartiera Fibreno Lefevre by Bettiol

Fibreno paper Mill Park

The park surrounds the first plant of the Fibreno Paper mill, which in the ’90s had been restored to accommodate a Paper and Wool Museum but that project was not finished. In addition to the beauty of the nature and of the river Fibreno, which forms its own waterfall, the visitor path runs along a … Continued

Isola del Liri- Cascata Parco del Valcatoio by Benedicta Lee

Valcatoio Waterfall Park

The public park is located along the right branch of the river near the Cascade of Valcatoio, which houses a power plant that is still operating. Above the waterfall is an active felt manufacturing business that once belonged to the Boncompagni castle. In the park, there are examples of hydraulic turbines arranged to offer the … Continued

Guarcino_Abisso Cianetti Zampighi

Abiss Cianetti-Zampighi

For the lovers of  high altitude speleology, at 1870 meters above sea level, in the Campovano area, an “abiss” has been discovered, a cavity or hollow chamber that apparently has no end. Its name comes from the names of the people who found it, Luciano Cianetti and Massimo Zampighi.  After climbing down diagonally for 15 … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The Comino Valley is from the historical Ciociaria and until 1927 this area was called Terra di Lavoro and including Gaeta and Sora. It corresponds to the high basin of the river Melfa entering into and running through the Liri valley via a picturesque gorge carved in the rocks of Mount Cairo. The area is … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Gorges of the Melfa River

Bordering Roccasecca and Santopadre, there are the “Gorges of Melfa River”, a wilderness area of 225 hectares in which there is the steepest part of the gorge. The gorges are shaped like a big horseshoe around the agro-pastoral plateau of Mount Ricco which offers a spectacular view. The gorges of the Melfa together with the … Continued

Capranica Prenestina Sentiero delle Creste

Trails to the Sanctuary of Mentorella

Pilgrims way: The trail starts from a short way from the fortune of Ciciliano and arrives at the sanctuary of the temple with an average time of 3.5 hours. Path Karol Wojtya: The trail starts from the center of Pisoniano and reaches the sanctuary with an average travel time of 2.5 hours. The path of … Continued

Monte Vermicano

Abyss of Monte Vermicano

The chasm of Monte Vermicano is one of the most extensive karst caves of Lazio with four entrances (Vermicano, Gresele, Tana degli Eretici – Hideout of the Heretics, and GnomoGnomo – GnomeGnome). The cave is part of a complex karst system whose explorations began September 10, 1972 but only in 1973, did they manage to reach … Continued

Guarcino Parco della Fonte Filette-Marco Reali

Park of Filette Fountain

The park was founded in the 1950s around the first bottling plant for commercialisation of Filette Water. From this place you can reach a viewpoint over the valley of Cosa river and Guarcino.

Guarcino PArco della Rimembranza Libreria nel giardino

Park of Remembrance

The park was founded in the 1920’s in memory of the fallen of World War I when a tree was planted for each inhabitant of Guarcino who had fallen. Today it is very popular with families and those who want to rejuvenate with physical activity jogging along its avenues and those who just want to … Continued

Ceccano- Vecchio faggio escursione by Paolo Fusacchia

Faito Forest

Since 2009, the Faito Forest has been a Natural Monument and its flora consists mainly of holm oaks and arbutus (a flowering Ericaceae). At the center of the forest is a monumental beech beneath which is located a water source (Colaprete fountain) now abandoned. The roots of this beech extend for tens of meters. In … Continued

Lake Volubro

The Volubro lake is of karst origin and is near the village. The lake was formed in a sinkhole, a funnel on the bottom of which the  earth and clay settle and make the hole waterproof. The area around the lake is pristine, but equipped for walkers and lovers of nature, and the peculiarities of the … Continued

Maniano Pond

Like many of the areas of Frosinone, this lake belonged to the church and was owned by the Bishop of Veroli. In 959 the pond has been contracted to Loffredo, Duke of Campagna. In 1854 the pond was mentioned in documents with the name of Sant’Angelo. In the past it was used for agricultural purposes … Continued

Villa Comunale

The Villa Comunale is a cultural centre where many local events, and exhibitions are held. The building is surrounded by a park arranged in the style of Italian gardens and is equipped for children’s play area and has a ‘grove’ It was the Countess De Villa Matthaeis who donated it to the town.  

Park La Selva

The park was founded by Prince Antonello Ruffo di Calabria, who in the 70s had a clear view of the environmental and landscape potential of the Paliano territory. The Prince has created an impressive bird park of approximately 44 hectares of land, with ponds and varieties of birds from all over the world, including some … Continued