Top Things to do in Ceccano

Visit the Castle to discover the fascinating history of the Counts of Ceccano by starting and feeling the signs of power Visit the two Monuments of National Interest, the Abbey Church of St. Nicholas and the Sanctuary of Santa Maria a Fiume discovering their precious Cistercian details Take a volume in the “Casa del Libro” … Continued

Top Things to do in Cave

One of the most important events around Rome is the Good Friday procession involving 500 costumed players! In autumn it is time for chestnuts and the Cave Festival is a ‘must’ The entrance of Via Francigena to Cave is particularly impressive and sought after by painters April 27 has one of the most interesting processions: … Continued

Top Things to do in Fumone

Forget the car, it’s not allowed, and stroll around the Fumone alleys inside the walls A dinner at the Baron’s Tavern to savour the ciociaria medieval atmosphere of the place Buy a pair of ciocie in one of Fumone’s shops and try to walk in the narrow streets View Contemporary Art at the Castle Gallery. … Continued

Top Things to do in Trivigliano

Sit at the Belvedere and let your gaze recognizse the different towns. The panorama is dominated by the shining waters of Lake Canterno Take a trip to Lake Canterno, hiking in the woods and relaxing in the picnic area If you can not attend the Festival of Sant’Oliva you can always visit the crypt and … Continued

Top Things to do in Torre Cajetani

Attend an event at the castle to rediscover the spirit of the Teofilatto family and its 1000 year connection with Torre Cajetani. A visit to the Operetta Museum to remember the great Sandro Massimini and to revive the spirit of the Belle Epoque and the Roaring Twenties As you are at the museum, be sure … Continued

Top Things to do in Bellegra

An experience for those who do not suffer from dizziness: stroll to the panoramic point to enjoy a 360-degree view over the Sacco Valley, Valle d’Aniene and 5 different mountain ranges Walk in the upper part of the historic centre looking for ‘tower’ houses that let you imagine the ancient form of the castle walls … Continued

Top Things in Settefrati

With one of your best friends participate in the Rite of the ‘Comparanza’ in August If you are really keen archaeologists, you can go to Canneto Valley to look for the traces of the ancient temple dedicated to Dea Mufti Taste the ‘Pan a Moll’ to experience the flavours of the old traditions How many … Continued

Top Things to do in Fiuggi

The first thing to do is walk around the beautiful gardens sipping the fresh spring water. All its properties are enhanced when drunk directly from the source! Check the concert season and band programmes: outdoor music is always a pleasure for the well-being of the spirit Attend the theatre for an opera or comedy that … Continued

Top Things to do in Vico nel Lazio

Walk around the town (about 1 km), it is unique being surrounded by intact old walls and has three entrance gates. Count the towers, are there 24? Find the place from which you can see 7 towers Discover and read all the poems written on walls in the historic centre While on tour around the … Continued

Top Things to do in Rocca Priora

Go to the highest part of the historical centre, the Belvedere, to enjoy the breathtaking view  Letting yourself be amazed by the beauty of the small alleyways and admire the imposing beauty of the Savelli Castle: only example of  military fortress in the Castelli Romani area  Go by the Savelli arch, the entrance to the … Continued

Top Things to do in Sgurgola

• Do not miss the chance to see the traditional Grape Festival in September • Take a walk on the Lepini mountains and reach the hermitage of San Leonardo • Ask the municipality to visit the Museum of Musical Bands close to the waterfall of the Sacco river • Discover all the wall art scattered … Continued

Top Things in Guarcino

– Attend at least one of the 4 festivals dedicated to Sant’Agnello. The monk Sant’Agnello was born in Naples in 535 of a Neapolitan family with rich Syracusan origins, possibly related to Saint Lucia. – As part of learning about Sant’Agnello, visit the Hermitage of Sant’Agnello in the mountains around Guarcino, where the saint, who … Continued

Top Things to do in Serrone

Arrive by car but bring your trekking shoes. Seek out the Strada del Cesanese and drive through the vineyards of San Quirico on the south side of Mount Scalambra. Seek in the woods the ruins of old Cyclopean walls in San Quirico, the original village of Serrone. Park in the medieval town and climb to … Continued