Chapel of Our Lady of Zancati

The chapel of Our Lady of Zancati is located at the bottom of a valley south of Paliano and is carved into the rock. The chapel predates the fifteenth century and was built around a cave. Until 1632 in the chapel was kept a fresco of the Virgin of Zancati which was transferred to the … Continued

Paliano- Santuario Santa Maria Pugliano by Roberta Gabrielli

Church and Convent of Santa Maria Pugliano

Perhaps the monastery was founded around a small church dedicated to the Virgin, that was a home for hermits who were guarding it. The image of the Madonna was called ‘The Puglianella’ because it was thought that it had been brought from the Puglia region by two soldiers. In the area of Santa Maria Pugliano … Continued

Paliano Chiesa e Convento di San Pietro

Church and Convent of St Peter

The church was consecrated in 1619 and, with the adjoining monastery, named after a former monastery built in 1243 by the bishop of Palestrina, targeted the Cistercian nuns who dedicated it to St. Peter the Apostle. In 1300 Pope Boniface VIII closed the monastery that then between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries became a Benedictine … Continued

Church of Santa Rosa

The building is a chapel with a small altar and a mural of large dimensions that depicts the Madonna and Child, two angels and four figures. The chapel was built in the sixteenth century by Marcantonio D’Azzia, a soldier serving the Colonna family and in 1754 was named after Santa Rosa and Saint Eleuterio Pope … Continued

Paliano- Chiesa dell'Immacolata Concezione by Benedicta Lee

Church of Immaculate Conception – La Cona

The church was founded in the sixteenth century by expansion of a country chapel dedicated to St. Michael even though it has always been called the church of Santa Maria of Colleberto La Cona. This name comes from ‘icon’ indicating an image on an altar. The building is small on a single aisle. The church was … Continued

Paliano Chiesa di San Sebastiano

Church of Saint Sebastian

The church was purchased in 1083 by the abbot of Subiaco Giovanni V, who at that time bought several rural churches with the purpose to obtain annuities. The purchase is reported in Subiaco Chronicles showing precisely the activity of the abbot who, in Paliano, had already bought the monasteries of Santo Stefano and San Pancrazio (perhaps … Continued

Paliano Chiesa San Rocco

Church of San Rocco

The small church built outside the perimeter of the walls in the eighteenth century appears to be dedicated to three saints: St. Rocco, the Blessed Virgin and St. Sebastiano. The small church consists of one room and has only one altar with a 1780 altarpiece by Giacomo Mango . The dedication to San Rocco was … Continued

Paliano- Chiesa di Sant'Anna by Benedicta Lee

Church of St. Anne

The present church of St Anne was built in 1931 after the collapse of the previous one dedicated originally to Santa Maria della Neve (Mary of the Snows) and finally to St. Anna. On that date the building was extended by ten meters, the facade was re-oriented and the bell tower was added. The new … Continued

Paliano- Chiesa Collegiata di Sant'Andrea by Benedicta Lee

Collegiate Church of Saint Andrew Apostle

The original 1224 church was completely rebuilt by Prince Marcantonio Colonna II from 1569 and is dedicated to the reorganization of Paliano. The prince died in 1584 and at that time in the church there was only an underground crypt especially for the burial of the Colonna family. The family tomb was finished in the … Continued