Milk of Asina

In Santa Maria is a farm that breeds donkeys and specializes in donkey’s milk destined for infants and the elderly.

Paliano- Grano Monococco azienda Bertacco

Einkorn (Monococco) Wheat

This grain was the first type cultivated in the Mezzaluna Fertile and around Tiberiade about 23,000 years ago and represented, with barley and hulled wheat, the basis of the diet of the Mediterranean populations. It was replaced by soft wheat around the mid-sixteenth century and rediscovered recently in France, where it obtained the Protected Geographical … Continued

Rosciola olive oil

In Paliano is grown a particular variety of olive from which oil obtained by squeezing these ancient Rosciola cultivars. The olives are rich in aromatic substances and the oil has a mild and inviting flavour. The oil producers follow the “Regulations for the production of extra virgin olive oil of single variety Rosciola”.

Cesanese wine DOCG

The Cesanese wine is bright red in colour with an intense taste and a delicate nose that makes it the choice for important dishes. In 1973 it obtained the DOC, and in 2008 the name “Cesanese del Piglio DOCG” has been released. In “XIV Book of Naturalis Historia”, Pliny the Younger describes a particular red … Continued