The ‘scottone’ is a semi-liquid cheese-curd and its name comes from the fact that is served hot. It is made by boiling the milk twice. Normally it is enjoying in earthenware bowls that, according to tradition, improve the taste.

Polenta Reffettata

Polenta already cooked hard and left to get cold is placed on the cauldron and alternating with pork sauce and cheese, lying on the bottom of the fireplace to heat and season. Serve hot in ‘scife’ (typical wooden local dishes).

Grilled potatoes

A simple dish, poor but of extreme goodness: the potatoes in the skin are placed carefully on the hot surface of the fireplace covered with embers and cooked slowly: once ready they are enjoyed with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt.


The Cellette

The Cellette are a homemade pasta with simple water and flour ingredients to mixed together by hand. It is served with plenty of red sauce and accompanied by good wine of Catelli.

Regilla Oligomineral water

The Water Source Regilla is located on the 32nd kilometer of the ancient Via Latina where it is believed that the famous lake Regillo was situated. This water was the subject of much research and careful analysis that have established its character of absolute purity and therapeutic properties for medical and dietary needs.