Lamb Festival

The population of Colle di Fuori holds a celebration for three days of tasting lamb cooked according to different local traditions. The festival is enlivened by songs and live music and a large dance floor where people have fun.

Porcini Mushroom Festival

The population of Colle di Fuori in August holds a big feast dedicated to one of the best products of the forest: the porcini mushroom. The forests of the Castelli Romani Park are famous for mushrooms and local restaurants compete with special dishes cooked at their food stalls. The event features live music and dancing.

Roccapriorese Bruschetta Festival

The bread of Rocca Priora enjoys some fame and it was natural to dedicate a festival that, over the years, has established itself as one of the inevitable appointments for both citizens and tourists. The festival takes place in the first fortnight of August.

Feast of Madonna Della Neve

In the first week of August the feast of Our Lady of the Snow is celebrated with a solemn procession parading at sunset through the streets of the village accompanied by a ‘Artificial Snowfall’ shot from guns. The snow, the music of the band, the view and the narrow streets of the old town make … Continued

The Daffodil Festival

The daffodil is the absolute floral star of the spring months. This flower is born spontaneously in Roccapriorese valley meadows and hills which are covered in a white and fragrant blanket. During the first Sunday in May, the town wears the dress of the festival: in the streets and the most important squares, you can … Continued

Polenta Festival

During the San Biagio celebration the Festival of Polenta takes place, dedicated to the ‘bread of the poor’, the prince of winter food due to which nurtured generations of farmers have been fed. The polenta is served with various toppings according to local traditions.

Festival of Sab Biagio (St. Blaise)

San Biagio is the Rocca Priora co-patron, together with St. Rocco, and the festival is very important to the population. The story tells that the two saints freed Rocca Priora from the plague and the population made a vow to dedicate to them two festivals: February 3 for San Biagio and 16 August for San … Continued

Scottone Festival

During the celebration of St. Anthony ‘scottone’, a cheese-curd slurry, is handed out. It is a hot drink made with milk boiled twice. The scottone is served in earthenware bowls for the best taste according to tradition.

Festival of Sant’Antonio Abate (St Anthony)

Rocca Priora is famous for the presence of horse farms and riding schools and the animals have been an important part of the local economy. The day of St. Anthony (January 17) repeats the ancient tradition of the blessing of the animals in front of the churchyard of the parish church and there are floats … Continued