ospedale Santo Spirito

Hospital of Santo Spirito

In the Middle Ages it was customary to build hospitals for the sick with care centers for the poor and pilgrims. They were furnished places with beds where the sick could be laid while a part of the building was always devoted to prayer and furnished with an altar and sacred images. In Guarcino the … Continued

Palazzo Conte Celani

Conte Celani Palace

The palace dates back to the nineteenth century and has the classic look of a villa / palace with garden and frescoed interior halls. In the garden you can see the symbol of the family in wrought iron. There is an anecdote about the building of the palace that represents the spirit of Guarcino as … Continued


Meridiana Piazza San Nicola

The sundial is located on a turret arch linking the Church of St. Nicholas and a palace. It is unique and has the distinction of being deprived of the meridian line of local 12th hour. It offers measurement of the average time on the South side and the time of ringing of Ave Maria on … Continued

torri medievali

Medieval Towers

Outside of the original city walls you can still recognize the ancient lookout and signalling towers.  

Scultura a Bonetto Floridi

Monument to Bonetto Floridi

The bronze statue is dedicated to Bonetto Floridi, a consul and Guarcino Crusader who participated in the Eighth Crusade and was the captain of the Guarcinesi militia in the last war between Guarcino and Anticoli in Campagna, today Fiuggi. It is located in Piazza Umberto I and was realised in 1986 by Master Angelo Canevari.

Monumento al Malpensa

Monument to Malpensa

The bronze statue commemorates the 800th anniversary of the heroic event called ‘Challenge of Malpensa’. It is located in Piazza Umberto I and was built in 1986 by Master sculptor, Angelo Canevari.

Guarcino Trifora Palazzo Cardinale Giacomo Tomassi sec XIII-XIV

Tomassi Palace

The building dates back to 1300 and belonged to Cardinal Giacomo Tomassi, a cousin of Boniface VIII. It is located near the old city wall and is recognized because it is supported by a large Gothic arch that spans the street. This structure was necessary to allow for the expansion of the palace across the … Continued

Guarcino Palazzo Patrasso

Patras Palace

This is the palace where Emilia Conti was born who was the mother of Papa Bonifacio VIII famous for the battles with France, for the ‘Slap of Anagni’ and the establishment of the first Jubilee in history. After his papacy the seat of the popes moved to Avignon in France. The palace belonged to the … Continued