Campanile di San Michele

Bell Tower of St. Michael

Alongside the church of San Michael there is a special type of belltower with bell. This refers to the two-dimensional tower with a ‘flat bell’, just like the sail of a boat, that was typical of the 13th century. This is one of the few examples left in the Lazio region as most of these … Continued

chiesa madonna delle grazie

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace

The sanctuary is located along the ancient road that connected the monastery of Subiaco to Montecassino, a path that was crossed by St. Benedict. During the 1700s a Benedictine monk came to this area and decided to create a painting in a rock niche that ran along a Roman road. The niche was made close … Continued

monastero suore agostiniane

Monastery of the Augustinian Sisters

The monastery dates back to 1800 and was founded by the Franciscans. Today it is governed by the Augustinian Sisters and is a retreat and meditation centre for those who want to get away and live in the peace of the mountains in a spiritual place with a special atmosphere. Inside, there is woodwork in … Continued

Guarcino L'eremo di S.Agnello Abate-Pasquale Calicchia.

Hermitage of Sant’Agnello

In the mountains around Guarcino, hidden in the flourishing nature, are hermitages including the Hermitage of Sant’Agnello, where the saint lived for seven years in the cave, and became the patron saint of the town. The monk Sant’Agnello was born in Naples in 535 of a Neapolitan family with rich Syracusan origins, possibly related to … Continued

cripta di San Benedetto

Crypt of St. Benedict

The crypt is in the basement rooms of a home and has direct access from an alley in the village centre not far from the gate. It is a unique environment covered by cross vaults with a marble column in the centre. The ceiling and part of the walls were frescoed at the end of … Continued

monastero san luca

Monastery of St. Luke

The monastery seems to have been founded by St. Benedict between 520 and 528 AD and a part of the building overlooks the river. In the courtyard there is a spring, from which flows the water of San Luca. The church has a single nave and has the characteristics of medieval religious buildings. In 1256 … Continued

santuario madonna della neve

Lady of the Snows Shrine

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snows) was entirely rebuilt after the last war, after the bombing of the road to Subiaco. Only the image of the Virgin of the Snows, that by tradition is attributed to the school of Giotto, was miraculously saved.

chiesa madonna di loreto

Church of Our Lady of Loreto

The church is located just outside the village to the south, and dates from the fourteenth century, although it has been remodelled several times.  Inside one finds on the main altar the most important fresco of Guarcino, the mural of Our Lady of Loreto of the fifteenth century from the Perugino School of Peter of … Continued

Church of San Michele Arcangelo

The Church of San Michele Arcangelo was erected in the late middle ages on the ruins of the pagan temple of Mars and was modified in 1587 to house the Benedictine nuns. Despite numerous interventions from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Church keeps the rib vault bell tower, the only one in the Lazio … Continued

Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas

The church was consecrated in 1760 and is lined with late Baroque decorations. Inside there are numerous paintings of the 1700s, including a Ranucci, of the school of Cavalier d’Arpino, and some Balbi. Also, of great artistic importance are the wooden ceiling of the sacristy, the pulpit and the choir of the canons with the … Continued