acqua-filette Guarcino

Mineral waters of Guarcino

Guarcino is famous for its springs. The mineral waters of the sources of Filette and St. Luke are known for their healing qualities: being very popular since the early 1900s, have been bottled and marketed since 2002. The Filette water source is 900 meters high and the first historical records date back to 400 BC, … Continued

Olio Ernico Guarcino

Ernico Oil

The organic extra virgin olive oil “Ernico” comes from an area between the towns of Guarcino, Vico nel Lazio, and Collepardo, the heart of “Ernici”. The focus during the growing and processing is to ensure high quality standards and the oil has won prizes on the domestic and international market.


Ciociarian Tartalicchi

The Tartalicchi Ciociari pancakes are based on typical potatoes of Guarcino and Alatri and are part of the so-called ‘Ciociarian poor cooking’. According to tradition they are prepared for Christmas, but are also offered during festivals and Carnival. In many local restaurants they are among the typical Ciociarian appetizers.

Amaretto di Guarcino

The Amaretto of Guarcino is recognized as a traditional product of Lazio and for over a century has been world famous for its unique taste and aroma. It has an oval shape and is light brown in colour being made with almonds, egg whites and sugar. It is said that the recipe was given to … Continued

Prosciutto di Guarcino

Prosciutto of Guarcino

Guarcino is known for the Guarcino DOP Prosciutto, an acronym that defines the traditional agri-food products of Lazio. This tasty mountain prosciutto was originally produced according to tradition only in the winter months from pigs grazing in the wild and had been cured at high altitude. Today it is produced throughout the year. The prosciutto … Continued