Guarcino Festival Fiati e dintorni

Festival “Wind and Surroundings”

The Festival of Music takes place in the picturesque setting of the medieval cloister of San Michele Arcangelo and has prominent presence in the music world.

Guarcino Festa di SAn Rocc

Feast of St. Rocco

On the penultimate Sunday of August a procession leads the statue of St. Rocco, co-patron of Guarcino.

Guarcino festa dell'Agnello

Sant’Agnello Festival

Sant’Agnello is celebrated on 3 different occasions: on the first Sunday of May with a pilgrimage to the hermitage, on the last Friday and Sunday of August with a pilgrimage and a great feast, and on December 14th with a pilgrimage to the hermitage on the day of the true anniversary of the saint.

Guarcino Festa dell'Amaretto

Amaretto Festival

The Amaretto festival is dedicated to one of the main local products known throughout Italy: amaretto of Guarcino.

Guarcino Festa degli Abboti

Feast of Abboti

The abbotti are tripe rolls wrapped in slices of bacon, with celery and carrots, parsley and garlic.

Guarcino festa della patata

Potato Feast

The potato has been an important food in the local diet and is still widely used to make the famous gnocchi which are remembered in a celebration of three days. The gnocchi are seasoned “alla guarcinese” or “alla montagna”, i.e. with sheep sauce.

Guracino Rievocazione storica disfida del Malpensa

Historic Revival Challenge of Malpensa

The re-enactment recalls the heroic deeds of Malpensa, a soldier of Guarcino who in 1186 defeated in a duel the champion of Henry VI Barbarossa. The victory enabled Guarcino to be spared by the troops.