Guarcino_Abisso Cianetti Zampighi

Abiss Cianetti-Zampighi

For the lovers of  high altitude speleology, at 1870 meters above sea level, in the Campovano area, an “abiss” has been discovered, a cavity or hollow chamber that apparently has no end. Its name comes from the names of the people who found it, Luciano Cianetti and Massimo Zampighi.  After climbing down diagonally for 15 … Continued

Monte Vermicano

Abyss of Monte Vermicano

The chasm of Monte Vermicano is one of the most extensive karst caves of Lazio with four entrances (Vermicano, Gresele, Tana degli Eretici – Hideout of the Heretics, and GnomoGnomo – GnomeGnome). The cave is part of a complex karst system whose explorations began September 10, 1972 but only in 1973, did they manage to reach … Continued

Guarcino Parco della Fonte Filette-Marco Reali

Park of Filette Fountain

The park was founded in the 1950s around the first bottling plant for commercialisation of Filette Water. From this place you can reach a viewpoint over the valley of Cosa river and Guarcino.

Guarcino PArco della Rimembranza Libreria nel giardino

Park of Remembrance

The park was founded in the 1920’s in memory of the fallen of World War I when a tree was planted for each inhabitant of Guarcino who had fallen. Today it is very popular with families and those who want to rejuvenate with physical activity jogging along its avenues and those who just want to … Continued