Vico nel Lazio- Chiesa Santa Maria Goretti by Luciano d'Abbruzzo

Church of Santa Maria Goretti

The church is in Pitocco district, outside the village. Its appearance dates from the resettlement work in the early 2000s. The church has a modern stylized bell tower in reinforeced concrete and a new bell. In this district, the worship of the Blessed Virgin is very much felt, having died at only 18 years in 1902, … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Chiesa di San Rocco by Luciano D'Abbruzzo

Church of San Rocco

The church is in the square of San Rocco and is easy to confuse with the other medieval buildings. In fact, its appearance is very similar to that of a home with a simple door, a plain stone border and a double horizontal marble frame above the door. You enter the church from a side … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Church of Santa Barbara

The newly built church takes its name from the Santa Barbara district where it is. It was realized thanks to funds obtained from the Panzanella Festival and the commitment of the local populace. The feast of the saint is traditionally shifted to June in memory of when Vico’s men followed the rules of stock movement … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Chiesa San Michele Arcangelo - Bettiol

Church of St Michael Archangel

The original collegiate church dates back to the Millennium and is quoted in the biography of San Domenico da Sora. St. Michael the Archangel was very revered in the Byzantine period for his appearances in France, Rome and Puglia. The current church was rebuilt in 1581 and has a special bell tower ending with a design … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Chiesa Santa Maria- D'Abbruzzo

Church of Santa Maria

The church has a Romanesque style with an ogival vaulted roof, a beautiful exterior portal and a small bell tower. The church dates back to the eleventh century and in a document of 1147 it is reported that the relics of the apostles, SS Peter and Paul were kept inside. The church has a single … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Chiesa san martino piazza- D'Abbruzzo

Church of San Martino

The church dates back to the tenth century and its construction used Roman remains, as is apparent from the architrave. The building was then restored in 1887. Inside there is a wooden statue depicting a 12th-century Virgin with Child, Romanesque style with Byzantine influences, with traces of original colour. The church is home to the … Continued

Church of St George

The first news of the church is from 1191 and the building is as a single nave with double gable cover: from the medieval and a sixteenth century. The doors have a sixteenth-century architrave and the side has a St George fresco on the gable. Above the main altar there is a 19th century wood … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Madonna del campo- D'Abbruzzo

Madonna del Campo Shrine

The sanctuary is about 1 km outside the village at an altitude of 760 metres above sea level and dates back to the XV-XVI century being built on a former pagan altar. Inside, the church is covered with a barrel vault, and has a precious fresco of the Trinity depicting a rare crucified Jesus. As … Continued

Vico nel Lazio chiesa Madonna del Carmine - Bettiol - 45

Church of the Madonna del Carmine

The little church is located just outside the walls of the village, near Porta Otricelli, and was built around the 1500’s by Notary Laurentino of Vico. The church is also called ‘Madunnella’ for the great fresco of Our Lady with Child found on the wall at the back. Next to the Virgin Mary are two … Continued

Madonna delle Grazie Affresco- D'Abbruzzo

Church of Sant’Antonio Abate or Madonna delle Grazie

The church is located just outside the town centre and dates from the 14th century, and was then expanded in the 16th century. It is built around a small chapel with a fresco sacred image of Our Lady with Child. This fresco is found again near the main altar. The church has a rectangular plan … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

Church of Madonna of Concordia

The church is located 2 km from the village and dates from early in the first half of the 18th century. The construction of the current design was completed in 1734. The new cemetery built in 1875 is located at the church. Its interior has a majestic Baroque altar style, various oil paintings, including a … Continued


Grancia or Church of San Biagio

The church (private) was part of the bounty of the Benedictine monks and the first news information comes from 1180. Grancia was a granary and was also part of an agricultural complex that was supposed to support monks. The church has a single aisle and simple furnishings with two ogival arches in stonework and a … Continued