Walls in the Historic Centre

Walking in the historic centre you come across walls with phrases and poems from authors from around the world. They are stories of life that give a moment of reflection and add a modern flavour to the past.

Vico nel Lazio orme di San Domenico - Bettiol - 53

Elbow of San Domenico

In a corner of the city wall, a small niche with a statue of San Domenico was built, just near some rocks that are said to have the footprints of the saint. Especially the sign of an elbow and a hand he left on the rock while kneeling in prayer to get rid of the … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Impronta di dinosauro by Luciano d'Abbruzzo

Dinosaur Footprints in Vico in Lazio

In the mountains of Vico, the evidence of a real dinosaur of about 200 million years ago was discovered. Along with other tracks, it could belong to the oldest species of Italian dinosaur of the Jurassic age. The footprint is in a cave a few hundred meters from the top of Rotonaria, in the heart … Continued

Monte Monna- D'Abbruzzo

Monte Monna

It is among the highest peaks of the Ernici, at the height of 1952 metres, and its name derives perhaps from the medieval ‘Madonna’ with which title the ladies were called. The summit can be reached from several paths made by CAI of varying difficulty, starting from Campocatino (Guarcino), the centre of Vico and from … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Colonne della Fratellanza by Luciano d'Abbruzzo

The Columns of Brotherhood

In 1989, Vico nel Lazio held a sculpture campus dedicated to young European artists. Artists have created ‘The Columns of Brotherhood’ as a wish for a world governed by understanding and friendship among peoples. Master Vincenzo Bianchi was the creator and director of the campus. The columns were made of four travertine blocks from which … Continued

sentiero san benedetto

St. Benedict’s Way

St. Benedict was the founder of monasticism and Patron of Europe. Along with his sister Santa Scolastica, he was born in Norcia, Umbria, in 480 and he died in the Cassino monastery in 547. On the parallel roads, the two twins renounced their wealth and began to base their religious orders following what has become … Continued