Gnocchi al Sugo di pecora

Gnocchi with Sheep Sauce of Vico nel Lazio

In a land where many men traditionally devoted themselves to sheep farming and traversing the trails of seasonal flock movement, they could not miss traditional sheep-eating dishes. Gnocchi with sheep sauce come about dedicated at two festivals, in May with the Madonna del Campo Festival and in August during the Festival of the Return. Gnocchi, … Continued

Vico nel Lazio- Cicoria


Chicory is a spontaneous growth plant known since the ancient Egyptians who used it widely and it is quoted in the Ebers Papyrus of 1550 BC. Its name could have Greek or Arab derivation and already Greek physician Galen quoted it as useful to cure liver disease. In addition to the plant, in war time … Continued

The fini fini

The peasant cuisine is characterized by simplicity and authenticity and its basic ingredients are definitely “poor” but of excellent quality. Thin egg noodles called “fini fini”, is made and cut by hand and served with a meat sauce or a simple tomato sauce.