Luciano d’Abbruzzo

Luciano is an experienced musician and songwriter from Vico nel Lazio. He began studying music at the tender age of 8 and, in addition to playing the piano, he has won many prestigious singing competitions, one of them being the 14th edition of the annual “Fabrizio de Andrè Award”. Together with music, he cultivates a passion for … Continued

The Folk Group “Le Venticinque Torri” (25 Towers)

On the occasion of the 25th edition of the Historical Court of Epiphany in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, twenty-six young people from the town formed the Folk group ‘Le Venticinque Torri’ (Twenty-Five Towers) with the intent of enhancing local traditions. Today, the band includes piano accordian and voices and performs in music concerts and events … Continued

Genazzano- Chiesa di San Nicola by Benedicta Lee

The Troubadors of Uich gl’cantastorie d’Uich’

The association “GRUPPO FOLK gl’ Cantastori’ d’ Uich’ ” (The Troubadors of Uich) was founded in 2012 with the idea of rediscovering the popular traditions of Vico and Ciociaria – to revive the flavours and scents of this land. It is composed of a piano accordian and voices and people are dressed in typical Ciociarian … Continued

Musical Band

The musical band was born in 1893 and was reconstituted in 1983. It was originally made up of artists “shoemakers, archers, carpenters and bricklayers”, while today it is made up of students, workers and children. The band is an essential part of the town’s life, a point of reference in civil celebrations and in traditional … Continued