Medieval Inscriptions

In an old town house the corner stones reveal interesting medieval inscriptions. They are sculpted with hunting scenes, everyday life, and other symbols that are also found in the church of Our Lady of Grace.  

Medieval Tower

The ruins of the Settefrati Castle are still recognised by a medieval tower rising to the highest point of the town. From the layout of the houses, which were ringed around the tower, it is understood that this was the point of defence and was part of a lookout system that protected the Val Comino. … Continued

Settefrati_Casa del dispetto_Tonino Bernardelli (2)

House Built ‘in spite’

In the square of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie one can recognize a house ‘not aligned’ with the others that arose from the rivalry of two local families. The construction only served to cover the view of the church by the enemy family.