Settefrati- Chiesa di Santa Felicita by Tonino Bernardelli

Church of Santa Felicita

The small church of medieval origins is located near the entrance of the village and is dedicated to the patron martyr and her seven children. The outside of the building is a simple masonry structure enriched only by a frame on the entrance door, while inside it features decorations that recall the baroque period. The … Continued

Settefrati- Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo by Tonino Bernardelli

Church of San Michele Arcangelo

The church is located in the hamlet of Pietrafitta, that probably due to its name “stone marker”, that are the border markers between the Duchy of Alvito and that of Atina. The simple local stone church has the peculiarity of having a bell tower and a small tower with a clock on one of its … Continued

Settefrati- Chiesa di Santo Stefano by Tonino Bernardelli

Church Santo Stefano

At the centre of the village, this church was founded as a chapel of a castle and was already collegiate in the fourteenth century. The original structure was renovated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In 1984, the church was badly damaged by an earthquake. A display case in the church holds the dressed statue … Continued

Settefrati- Chiesetta Santa Felicita in Pietrafitta by Tonino Bernardelli

Chapel of Santa Felicita in Pietrafitta

In Acquasanta at Pietrafitta is this church built over a water source that was for a long time considered therapeutic. In 1534, Gaio Prudenzio already cited this ‘miraculous source’ of sulphur water, where he brought his daughter: 3 different straws of water that ensured birth of children of different sizes. Remember that the Christian martyr … Continued

Settefrati- Santuario Madonna del Canneto by Tonino Bernardelli

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Canneto

The Sanctuary is located in the Abruzzo National Park and was erected in the eleventh century by Benedictine monks at 1030 meters above sea level, probably on the remains of a former temple. Over the centuries, this little church enjoyed special papal privileges: those who worked there were entitled to indulgance, to the forgiveness of … Continued

Settefrati- Chiesa Madonna delle Grazie by Tonino Bernardelli

Santa Maria delle Grazie

The church is of medieval origin and was restored in the 14th century. It has a large entrance porch where there are frescoes attributed to Marco di Sangermano inspired by the Visions of the monk Alberico. The frescoes represent the Last Judgment and the procession of the Saints, that of the Religious and the Martyrs, … Continued