Canada Windsor- Replica Santuario Madonna del Canneto

Madonna of Canneto Sanctuary in Canada

In Windsor, Ontario, Canada, a group of immigrants mainly from Comino Valley made a copy of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Canneto. The façade is identical to that of Settefrati but the rear structures are different. Ciociaro Club of Windsor has maintained close ties with the land of origin and the same Italian anniversaries … Continued

Glazed Tiles of Settefrati at Villa Gallio

Glazed Tiles at Villa Gallio

Among the eighteenth-century glazed tile decorations of Villa Gallio at Posta Fibreno can be found unprecedented views of all the countries that were part of the Duchy of Alvito. The Gallio family had purchased the Duchy in 1595 with the permission of Pope Gregory XIII. Among them is also Settefrati which is recognized by the … Continued

Head of Madonna in Settefrati

Head of Our Lady

Along the path that connects the Canneto Valley with Settefrati is a rock with the imprint of the head of the statue of the Black Madonna. The legend says that after the statue was found, some shepherds tried to take her to the town, but as they moved away from the valley, the statue grew … Continued

Settefrati- Roccia del Bambino_ Tonino Bernardelli

Child’s Rock

On the slopes of the mountains you can spot a child’s head. It is not unusual to find people and tourists who move the rocks in search of the baby’s profile

Settefrati- Fiume Melfa by Tonino Bernardelli

Source of the Melfa River

The river is born right near the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Canneto and probably has its name fromthe ancient pagan goddess Mephite of the ancient pre-Roman people of the Sannites. Mephyton was the goddess of black water and clean water, probably the word ‘mephytic’, which indicates a particular strong smell, is connected to his … Continued

Settefrati- Sentiero per Civitella Alfedena by Tonino Bernardelli

Trail to Civitella Alfedena

Starting from Settefrati and the Valle di Canneto you climb up to the Val di Forca Resuni at 2059 meters above sea level and then descend into Abruzzo into the charming village of Civitella  Alfedena. Along the way, you cross a beech and the famous’ ‘Rose Valley’ where you can meet chamois and mountain deer. … Continued