Gnocchi di ortica e asparagi by Tonino Bernardelli

Nettle and Asparagus Gnocchi

Local flavours abound in one of the dishes of the Ciociaria tradition where the famous potato gnocchi are combined with the nettle and wild asparagus harvested in the countryside.

Pecorino di Picinisco DOP

Pecorino di Picinisco DOP

The cheese comes from sheep’s milk from Comisana and Massese and from that of goat breeds Grigia Ciociara e Bianca Monticellana. Feeding animals is quite natural, thanks to the herbs of the pastures, even at higher altitudes, in the Abruzzo National Park. It is the classic shepherds’ cheese with its cylindrical shape, with a hard … Continued

Vino Atina DOC Cabernet

Atina DOC wine

Atina is a cabernet wine which can include up to a maximum of 15% other non-aromatic red grapes. The “Atina” wines are produced in the Comino Valley and the surrounding hills. The cultivation of grapes in the Comino Valley is documented over the centuries and the first records date back to the Georgici Latini. In … Continued

Pan a moll

Pan a moll

Stale homemade bread with vegetables, beans and pork rinds. A typical traditional peasant dish.  

Orapi o "Buon Enrico"

Vegetable known as Orapi or ‘Buon Enrico’

Orapi are also known as mountain spinach or ‘Buon Enrico’, in honour of Henry IV, king of Navarre and then of France (1589-1610), protector of botany and agriculture. In 1600 Enrico decided to bring the hungry population into his royal park to collect wild herbs and, thanks to gratitude, the people gave the name of … Continued