Settefrati- Passione di Cristo by Loreta Maria Iannetta

Passion of Christ

On Holy Friday the staircase of the Church of Santo Stefano is the theatre for a special representation of the last days of Christ’s life, to which all citizens participate. Everything takes place on a theatrical stage with the scenes of the church and the village of Settefrati.

Settefrati- Magnalonga


At the end of August there is a ‘gourmet’ gourmand event where for a small sum, you can enjoy starters, 4 first courses, 2 seconds and sweet all according to the best local tradition.

Sagne e Fagioli

“Sagne” and Beans Festival

Pasta and beans is a typical recipe of the Lazio and Abruzzo regions. Instead of the beans, chickpeas or broccoli without sauce can also be used.

Settefrati- Processione Madonna del Canneto by Tonino Bernardelli

Festival of Our Lady of Canneto

Between August 14 and 22, the Madonna of Canneto is celebrated with processions between the sanctuary and the springs of the river Melfa. The festival is also called the “Festival of the Four Regions and the Hundred Towns”. The procession starts from the Church of Santo Stefano, where the statue of the Madonna Bianca is … Continued

Settefrati- Processione by Tonino Bernardelli

The Feast of Our Lady of Canneto

The Scottish Benedictine father, Beda, in 1894, described the procession that is still held today in the same way. The monk was visiting Montecassino and he heard the songs come from the valley. Curious, he asked what they were and was told: “The Societies that go to the Feast of Our Lady of Canneto!”. He … Continued

Settefrati- Santa felicita by Tonino Bernardelli

Purification Rite at Santa Felicita

On August the 10th, pilgrims from Scanno go to Gallinaro to celebrate San Gerardo, they go to Santa Felicita to bathe their feet in the water of the miraculous source as a purifying rite.