Amerina Road

Via Amerina, which takes the name of the town that it reached (and is now called Amelia), played an important commercial role. It was built after the conquest of Falerii Veteres (modern Civita Castellana) in 241 BC and the founding of Falerii Novi and was the most direct way to reach Umbria from Rome, according to the testimony of Cicero. The street was also the decumano of Falerii Novi.

The road is as straight as possible with great use of trenches (called “tagliate”) and high bridges over the waterways. The valley of Baccano, rich in tributaries of the Tiber, was the point where the road diverged from Via Cassia and headed into Umbria.

The Tiber River was crossed in Seripola. The route was still used in the high medieval period as a link between the Duchy of Rome and the Exarchate (a Byzantine form of government) of Ravenna. The importance of the street is testified by the numerous villages dotted along its route. The construction of the road between Nepi and Civita Castellana will have led to its final abandonment.


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