Belvedere on Lake Bolsena

From the Piazzale del Belvedere (Belvedere square) you have the best view of Lake Bolsena which is embraced by your gaze in all its breadth. You can see the Martana and Bisentina islands, where the Etruscans thought there was one of the gates to the underworld, and the towns of Marta, Capodimonte and Bolsena are identified.

The gaze then drifts to other regions such as Tuscany, Umbria but also as far as Marche in good weather.

The belvedere is located just in front of the Borgheriglia Gate, in front of the ancient Via Cassia and the seminary. On the square a beautiful monument commemorates the pilgrims who for centuries have travelled the Via Francigena and enjoyed the beauties of Montefiascone, 100 km before arriving in Rome at the tomb of Saint Peter.

Guide of Montefiascone

Guide of Montefiascone

Montefiascone experienced good fortune in the Roman period, thanks to the Via Cassia, and in the Middle Ages the fortress […]