Castello di Proceno

The castle is a hotel spread out in the medieval village of Proceno. The Castle was built starting from the XI century and still retains all its original features. The oldest part is located in the highest part of Proceno and dominates its profile.
The original fortress was located at thesite of the church of the SS Salvatore and the tower was later transformed into the bell tower of the church.
The current fortress, however, dates back to a period between 1100 and 1200 after the destruction of Proceno by the troops of Henry IV.
In the registers there are reports of various repairs to the fortress until 1668 when the fortress was partly dismantled and abandoned.
The restoration took place after the earthquake of 1919 and today is part of a private complex for the hotel residence and can be visited by appointment.

Guide of Proceno

Guide of Proceno

Proceno is a small town in the Volsini Mountains locked between Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria with a strategic position from […]