Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo

The original building is of medieval origin and a document from 1290 quotes an offer of 1,500 gold florins bestowed by Pietro Colonna, who is buried here.

In 1734 the complete rebuilding of the church was completed by the princess Victoria Altieri Pallavicini who also took care of furnishing the interior and bringing the body of St. Aurelio Sabazio, martyr.

The façade has unique and special features and combines neoclassical rigor with the softness of the baroque lines. It is enriched by a painting made of glazed ceramic tiles and has a bell tower with a clock in the back.

The interior has a single square nave with an altar with two large side niches, one of which houses an organ of 1700. The ceiling is coffered, painted panels and 5 side altars and a chapel complete the whole.

Here from the eleventh century is kept the venerable statue of Our Lady of Grace coming from Constantinople.

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