Church of San Giovanni Battista

The church dates back to the Middle Ages but was remodelled in the late fifteenth century. It has a Romanesque bell tower dating from the twelfth century. Inside there is a beautiful marble holy water font, an altar in coloured marble, a Renaissance ciborium and precious wooden ceilings.

The Church has an irregular plan with a single nave with side niches and a carved wooden pulpit, dated 1641. In the vestibule of the church there is a large bell that was cast in 1357 in honour of the liberation of the city ‘from the tyranny of the princes’ . The bell in the Bell Tower worked for 442 years, until it was broken in 1799 and put on display in the church.


Guide of Sacrofano

Guide of Sacrofano

The area was part of the Etruscan city of Veii and the territory was crossed by a network of Etruscan […]