Church of San Silvestro

The church of San Silvestro is very old and in 1177 is included in a list of the properties of the monastery of St. Elias that says “San Silvestri in Castrum Fabricae”.

The building was included in the defensive system of the village and the church was used only a little in the late thirteenth and fourteenth century.

In the 1400s it was expanded and became the parish church of Fabrica, as determined by the indulgence concessions granted by Alexander VI Borgia.

Existing forms of the church date back to the last modifications of the eighteenth century.

Inside, in the apse, is a vast sixteenth-century fresco, depicting the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the Flagellation and Paradise, and attributed to the brothers Lorenzo and Bartolomeo Torresani or to Taddeo Zuccari. Under the central altar are the relics of San Giustino Martyr.


Guide of Fabrica di Roma

Guide of Fabrica di Roma

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