Church Sant’Eutizio

The medieval church has a Gothic structure dating back to the ninth century, and perhaps it was built on an ancient temple dedicated to the god Janus.

The building has three naves and the wall behind the main altar was painted in 1524 by Francesco D’Antonio Zacchi called ‘Balletta’. Even the crucifix and apse of the apostles are Balletta, but have undergone renovation in 1700s.

A fresco represents the Miracle of the Grain with a farmer pushing a plow and two oxen.

Legend has it that the saint, walking through the forest in Carbognano, met a farmer who was beating his oxen that had been made fierce by hunger. Sant’Eutizio addressed a prayer to God and on the earth appeared the grain with which the beasts could be satiated. For this reason he was elected protector of the place, and the ears of corn have become the symbol of the town.

In Napoleon’s time the church was sold to private owners and fell into disrepair. Today it has been restored and returned to its original splendour.

Guide of Carbognano

Guide of Carbognano

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