Fumone- Giovanni de Paolis- Galleria arte contemporanea

Contemporary Art Gallery of the Castle

The gallery is located in the west wing of the first (noble) floor and is dedicated to Count Giovanni de Paolis who had started the collection of contemporary artworks.

The collection includes works of painting, sculpture and ceramics, and a section dedicated to photography. There are works by important artists including:

Mario Schifano, Bruno D’Arcevia, Tommaso Gismondi, Pino Musi, Carlo Cecchi, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Claudio Marini, Fausto Roma, Massimo Lippi, Ugo Attardi, Rocco Iannelli, Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni, Claudio Bogino, Vincenzo Pizzorusso, Carla Viparelli, Elena Braccialini, Luigi Frappi, Riccardo Tommasi Ferroni, Jack Finnerty.

Guide of Fumone

Guide of Fumone

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