Convent of Saint Angelo

The monastery is located in the woods on Monte Fogliano and was established in Lombard times around the eighth century when the chapel was donated to the Benedictine monastery of Farfa who were succeeded by the Franciscan friars until 1413. It was then inhabited by some hermits. In 1744, St. Paul of the Cross, founder of the Passionists, chose this place as her habitual residence and as the seat of their order. The monastery is still run by the Passionists and you can visit the cell of the saint. Inside are paintings depicting the saint.

The road in the forest leading to the convent has some small chapels that represent the way of the cross, and here a procession takes place during Easter week.


Guide of Vetralla

Guide of Vetralla

Vetralla was originally a ‘Pagus Villanovan’, i.e. a Villanovan village that became an Etruscan centre, of which traces remain in […]