Curch of Sant’Oliva

The church dates back to the twelfth century in Romanesque style and had the shape of the Roman basilicas with 5 naves, of which today there remain 4. Perhaps it was built over the remains of an ancient Roman temple of the 3rd century BC dedicated to Janus.

The façade has an indefinable style and you can read all the historical layers of Cori.

The 5th nave was demolished around 1467 to build the Chapel of the Crucifix or Chapel of Sant’Agostino. This rectangular chapel ends with an apse and the barrel vault is frescoed with scenes from the Old and New Testaments. The apse is also frescoed with scenes of the apostles and the coronation of the Virgin among saints and angels.

Next to the church is the Augustinian convent with frescoed halls and Renaissance cloister with loggia and which houses the local museum.

This church played an important role in Cori’s social life because in the Middle Ages it was the place of the oath on the municipal statute of magistrates who governed the city. It was also the seat of the Parliament meetings made up of the heads of Cori.

Guide of Cori

Guide of Cori

Cori sits elegantly on a hill at the foot of the Lepini Mountains, looking towards the Pontine Plain and the […]