DOC Colli Lanuvini wine

The wine “Colli Lanuvini” comes from grapes harvested in Lanuvio and Genzano from which you will get red, white and sparkling wines.

The presence of the vine dates back to the time of early Romans who preferred the volcanic soils of these areas south of Rome.

The Statutes of Genzano (10 August 1565) and Lanuvio (1567) contain chapters that regulate the grape growing and wine production. In the Sforza Archives are kept two records, in parchment, of sale of vineyards within the territory of Genzano in the year 1580 and in 1590.

Guide of Lanuvio

Guide of Lanuvio

The town of Lanuvio southeast of Rome was built on the ancient town of Lanuvium and legends tell that Lanuvium […]