Est! Est!! Est!!! Montefiascone DOC

It is a white wine originating in the province of Viterbo with Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC). The cultivation of vines in this area began with the Etruscans and was favored by the microclimate created by the waters of Lake Bolsena.

In 1959 in a village on stilts along the lake, between Montefiascone and Bolsena, fragments of vines and wild vines dating back to the Villanovan period were found.

The statutes of the city of Montefiascone, of 1471 and 1584, contain numerous chapters on the wine production process and its commercialization.

The story of the name ‘Est! East!! Est !!! is linked to the emperor Henry V of Germany and to the bishop Johannes Defuk who was a connoisseur of wines.

His cupbearer Martin had to go ahead and report with the writing ‘Est!’ the taverns where he found a good wine. Arrived in Montefiascone and tasted the local wine, marked on a door the inscription ‘Est! East!! East!!!’.

The prince returned to the village and is buried here in the Basilica of San Flaviano. At his death he left to the citizens of Montefiascone an inheritance of 24,000 scudi, on the condition that each year they pour a barrel of wine on his sepulcher. This tradition still continues with a historical parade in period costume.

The first Montefiascone wine fair dates back to 1950.

Guide of Montefiascone

Guide of Montefiascone

Montefiascone experienced good fortune in the Roman period, thanks to the Via Cassia, and in the Middle Ages the fortress […]