Farnese Castle

The fortress existed since the thirteenth century and was converted into a residence in the sixteenth century by Giulia Farnese when received as a gift by her lover Pope Alexander VI. The castle is characterized by both a large square tower covered by a roof and by a lower body of which there are few remaining rooms. Many of window frames or doors are marked ‘Ivlia Farnesla”. Giulia Farnese transformed the entire village in the style which became typical of Farnese to intervene in the urban appearance transforming predominantly agricultural villages into majestic and functional cities.

There are five frescoed rooms: the entrance hallway, the lounge, the kitchen (the hunters), the bedroom (Julia room) and the chapel. The latter is a circular room that, according to some, was Giulia’s private bath.

Guide of Carbognano

Guide of Carbognano

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