Feast of the Assumption

It is a religious festival that is derived from an earlier pagan festival of thanksgiving for harvest.

At dawn the eve of Ferragosta a ‘straight’ groove is plowed along about 3 km as a good omen for next year works. After scoring the groove, it formed the procession of the “Biscotto al cu…” which, to the beat of the tambourine and with lighted candles decorated with grapes and biscuits, is accompanied by the population to the refreshments of wine and biscuits.

In the evening there is the solemn procession with the statue of Our Lady of the Assumption which tradition is said to have been carved from the trunk of a cherry tree specially cut down in Valentano lands.

Guide of Valentano

Guide of Valentano

Valentano has an excellent hillside location from which they control the valleys below. Its origins are very old, as evidenced […]