Isola del Liri- Orapi by Bettiol

Feast of the Orapi

Every year the beginning of June is celebrated in Picinisco with wild mountain-scented spinach, called Orapi, with two days of feast.

The orapi grow spontaneously on the peaks and ridges of the Apennines, giving a characteristic flavour to many recipes of the local gastronomic tradition, boiled and sautéed in the pan, served as a side dish, tasty in the first courses, tasty in salads.

They have remarkable nutritional properties, high mineral content and an unmistakably pleasant taste. Although in the surrounding areas they take on different names (Olapi, Volatre, Olaci, Imbiede, Farinello), Orapi are unique in taste.

The feast is an opportunity to spend days surrounded by nature, with excursions and lessons on spontaneous plants along the paths of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. To enliven the evening there will be the unfailing popular music and local gastronomy products (do not forget the Pecorino DOP of Picinisco).

It is an excellent opportunity to get to know this charming town surrounded by beeches, chestnut and oak woods, discovering the traditions linked to the charm of a simple and natural life that keeps alive products in a local dimension but also ones of extraordinary value.

Guide of Picinisco

Guide of Picinisco

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