Festival of Popular Music of Ferentino

Ferentino is one of the most important centres of Ciociaria with its ancient Cyclopean walls and a perfect medieval village. One should not miss the summer music festivals and this is why the Festival of Popular Music of Ferentino was started, one that allows you to listen to music and dance in the square to the rhythms of the tradition.

It is a festival of traditional music whose first edition took place in 2017. On the stage of Ferentino, set up in the square, for 3 evenings, Giuliano Gabriele, the Dissonanti and the Brigallè performed.

A great party is expected thanks to the passion of the musicians who drag the audience to dance in a magical atmosphere. It is also an opportunity to taste the delicious desserts typical of local cuisine such as Panfrutto, San Giuseppe puffs and Mustaccioli.

Guide of Ferentino

Guide of Ferentino

The origins of Ferentino are ancient and shrouded in myth. One says that it was founded by the god Saturn […]