Festival of the Sun or the Palio della Tinozza

The Festival of the Sun with the Palio della Tinozza is an event which is held in late July and consists of a series of white water races in the clear waters of the river Velino.

The races include a duel, during which competitors from the various districts are trying to bring down the opponent by hitting him in the water with a pole. There is also a race for bikes equipped with floats and blades instead of wheels, a boat race ‘fiumarole’, and a swimming competition. The culminating event is the Palio of Tinozza where competitors seated in a tub (a sort of “half bath”) and propel themselves with an oar.

Guide of Rieti

Guide of Rieti

Rieti is named after Rhea Sylvia the mother of the twins Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome. Rhea Silvia was […]