Fiuggi Anticolandia festival

Anticolandia is the Festival of Music and Popular Traditions held since 2006 in the historical center of Fiuggi near the Piazzale del Monumento and public gardens.

It is divided into a series of days characterized by popular traditions and good music and folk dances. During the days the party hosts a market of crafts, antiques, collectibles and various curiosities.

In the evening there is the opening of the food stands with typical Ciociaria products that can be enjoyed listening to concerts of good music.

In the last editions they performed: Ambrogio Sparagna, folk music group E. R. R. E. 6, the Salta … Pizzica, Music Orchestra “Ballo Italia”, the Music Band City of Fiuggi, Officine Meridionali (directed by Giuliano Gabriele), the folk group I Trillanti.

It is a pleasant event in the historic center of the country where you can let yourself be enveloped by the characteristic flavors and enjoy the typical Ciociara cuisine. Organized by the Vivere per Fiuggi association.


Guide of Fiuggi

Guide of Fiuggi

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