Folk Music Festival of Minturno

The Minturno Folk Music Festival is a review of music at the ancient Roman theatre thanks to an agreement between the various authorities and the ‘Amici del Libro’ association.

The festival in the Minturnae Archaeological District includes a series of shows dedicated to traditional instruments, such as the organ in the 2017 edition. The music delivers a relationship between the sacred and the profane, historical and popular music, in the suggestive and unique setting of the archaeological area.

Music, characterized by continuous cross-fertilisation, represents a way to integrate. In fact, harmonies and melodies compose the universal language of music to express messages that are comprehensible to everyone.

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Guide of Minturno

Guide of Minturno

The name probably derives from Minto Me-natur (prey of fire) or the Minotaur, the figure of Greek mythology. It is […]