International Bagpipe Festival

The history of Acquafondata’s zampogna (bagpipes) is lost in the mists of time and here still artisans work to make them. As soon as you enter the village immediately in the square you can see a monument dedicated to this particular instrument.

The festival was founded in 1961 based on an ancient local custom. When the pipers returned home after the festive season, to announce their return to the streets, would challenge each stopped in memorable playing of their fifes and bagpipes. This custom turned into a time of high expressiveness and the people of neighbouring countries came to hear the celebrations of returning.

The Acquafondata festival, puts in the spotlight the music in a way that you can appreciate the multifaceted nature of this ancient instrument. The competition has a jury of experts and these days folk music musicians from Italy and all over the world come and perform.

During the international festival of Zampogna of Acquafondata, music is at the centre of everything. Here you will meet musicians and fans from all over the world who want to keep alive the tradition and entertain all those who join the bands and participate in the event.

In this festival we can learn to understand the multiformity of this instrument with its variety of timbres and repertoires. The festival is divided into two days and is combined with the Gnocchi Festival, one of the typical Potato-based dishes of Ciociaria.

The festival opens with the Acquafondata Music Band and the festival offers a wide range of talented performers from Italy and Europe, followed by a panel of experts. Solo pipers, in pairs of pipes and groups alternate with guests of the entertainment world while the public enjoys the show in the square.

During the event, the “Cesare Perilli” Award is presented, named after the famous musician and manufacturer of bagpipes (zampogne) and pipes (ciaramelle) from central Italy, which is given to musicians who have distinguished themselves for their musical mastery and virtuosity.

At the end of the event, the organisation hosts musicians on stage, highlighting the sounds of the bagpipe of guests from the Italian popular scene.

Guide of Acquafondata

Guide of Acquafondata

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