Monday after Easter

On Easter Monday, the ancient tradition of the meeting of the two statues of the Madonna and Colle San Magno Castrocielo is repeated when two processions carry the religious relics for a day to their ancient original home on Mount Asprano.

In 1601, when the people moved Castrocielo from Mount Asprano to the current centre, the relics were moved to be preserved in the Mother Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Heaven.

The ceremony begins early in the morning for the walk up the long mountain path and for the record that Castrocielo must maintain. In fact Castrocielo has the right of way in the celebration of sacred functions on the mountain and has to arrive first in relation to the Mother Church.

The procession makes two stops along the way, in which particular ancient rites are performed, accompanied by the sound of the band and folk songs.

Upon arrival of the procession, the peak of the mountain is already populated by a crowd, the statue enters the church after having completed the circumnavigation according to an ancient custom of pagan origin. After the church service, the feast starts.

Meanwhile, during lunch comes the procession from Colle San Magno along a path on the opposite side to that soaring from Castrocielo.

The ancient tradition has it that the Castrocielesi leave the summit with their procession so that the statues of the Madonna of the two towns will meet at a certain point where they ‘bow’ and seem to ‘share a kiss”!.


Guide of Castrocielo

Guide of Castrocielo

The origins of Castrocielo date back to the sixth century AD when, after the destruction by the Lombards, groups of […]